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Just give me a routine, and make me do it!

Just give me a routine, and make me do it!

I am so damn lazy.. I never seem to get a routine going. I have some good gains from before and have PE’ed for some time. I am quite conditioned and can take an advanced routine. I know I can get my gains back and even add some quick if I just follow a routine. But some how I just am not motivated. It might be having vacation for too long.. whatever.. And yes I do want a bigger penis.

So can someone just make a routine for me, mainly for length and DEMAND that I do it and give some feedback. Come on - give me som discipline!! On advance thanks :)

-“Lazy bastard”


Be nice.

Have I ever told you to hurt your penis? ;( Aaah-mental-break-down-uuuhuuu-..

Don’t make my post any shittier than it already is please.

If it’s info you want, sorry for being so slow:
-No heavy hanger due to lousy hanger. must be 6 months since last time, but it works very well.
-Have pump, but no heavy pumper due to privacy.
-Have jelqed up to 25minutes before and prefer 20min sessions max. Some ulis happen in between etc.
-Stretch when I have the chance. Usually just SD, SO or SU. I also tug some aka jais. But never managed to get a solid stretch routine.

If you’re ink poisoned: STFU and DO open that window NOW! ;)

If you find my thread utterly ridiculous: Make your own silly thread.

Good night :)

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