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Just another newbie....

Just another newbie....

Hello! I,ve been in to PE for about for six months and I got my membership here today. I started out 18cm EL and about 14,5 in girth so I,m not small but I do remember my time at junior high. All the boys in my class and allmost all the girls used to laugh at me because of my small penis (I was late in to puberty) and this effects me still today in my overall bad self-confidence. I was also very weak, and one day I got beat in armwrestling by a girl (Was I down???) So I started weight training and that has really improved my physique ( I added 45 pounds in about 3-4 years). People from that time who have seen me says i,ve really gotten bigger and that gives you confidence for a while but it never really takes away the effects of being bullied (spelled correct?)

I started to read about PE a while ago in the attempt to get to at least 20cm length (8) and 15 cm girth (6)

I jelqed for about two months but I didnt grow so I started stretching instead. The first week I started with the stretching I gained 0.5cm (I dont know how to calculate to inches).
I was very happy and I didnt even have a routine, I just grabbed it and stretched every time I went to the bathroom. After this gain I have not seen anything at all for fore months . Recently I tried to hang but I found it to be very uncomfortable and I noticed by holding the weights (about 10 pounds) in my hand at the same time as stretching that my grip was just as good.

I was wondering how long I have to stretch to “fill in” the microtears every session. I feel every time that my ligs are fatiqued by the stretching.
Does this mean that I can stop or should I continue for an hour or so to let it heal when stretched out, or will it grow even when flaccid??

Thanx allot for all the information on this site and all people here who give me lots of inspiration!!

Welcome T-Bone

Thanks for the personal story aspect. It’s nice to get to know a bit about each person on the forum.

You may wish to try hanging again, but this time try gathering much more information on it. Go to Here and read the info that I posted on approaching hanging as a newbie.

Right off the bat I’ll tell you 10 pounds is WAY too much to start with. I started at 2.5 pounds and have taken my time progressing upwards. I am at 7.5 pounds and am having quite startling results. What you did is essentially like going into the gym for the first time and trying to benchpress 300 pounds.

If you’d like to give hanging another go, read the thread above then do the things I suggested, then come back and we can talk about hanging. It should not be that tough for you.

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Thanx man now I understand a little bit more about it. Also, the hanger that I use might be a little bad but when I hung 2,5 pounds it felt like it was ok. I am very interested in knowing how much time a day I could spend on this. Perhaps you could show your routine and how you worked up to it. I know that I should hang for 10-20 minutes(at most) and rest for 10 minutes but I dont know if an hour would do or if I should do it several hours a day. I added an attachment for you to see how I constructed my hanger and I was also a little unsecure about how tight I could tie it. Please give your comments on that.

By the way, how long have you been hangin?

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No attachment seen here, T-Bone. You can PM it to me and I’ll take a look at it. I’ll wait to comment on your post until I hear from you.


So that was uncomfortable for you, T-Bone?

Wow, what a puss. I drilled a hole straight through my dick and just thread a rope through it to hang. Try THAT!

OK, I am only kidding harshly. Here’s my tip: ditch that system, forget about it entirely and delete the pic from your post. That is one dangerous setup.

You need to read the PE FAQ, the Bib Hanger Guide below, then read Tom Hubbard’s Penis Workshop. Then come back online and we’ll talk. The essentials of hanging and it’s very important safety aspect are covered very well between these two latter websites.

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