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Just a "Thank you" message from a Fellow PEr

Just a "Thank you" message from a Fellow PEr

Hi guys.

I discovered this site quite a while ago but didn’t become a member for(4) quite a while. Everything seemed real promising though (and its done a whole lot of good for me). Thanks every one. I am however writing this message just to convey a message from a friend of mine. This is what he wanted to say (he isn’t a member so iv typed and posted it up for him):

Hello everyone!

My name is Peter. Last October my girlfriend broke up with me. Apparently my penis wasn’t big enough…
When she left me, I was heart broken to say the least; I loved that girl more than the world!

Anyway, I told my friend Beast here about what happened and why she broke up with me. He was very supportive (Thanks a lot man. I owe you big time!). He pointed me towards this site and I started doing PE exercises on November 2003. I started off at 6” length BP and 4.5 ” girth both erect. I started off just doing mild jelques and hand stretching. Id have a PE session every night 5 days on 2 off. Every time I’d go for a piss though I’d tug on my penis for about a minute as well. Two weeks into this, I measured, just for the sake of it. I don’t know how, I didn’t believe it; I was at 7” erect length BP! In 2 weeks in grown a WHOLE INCH! Unbelievable! I was over the moon!

Now its June 2004 and I’ve just been doing mild stretches almost every time I’m in the shower, 1 minute in each direction and occasionally when I take a piss. The other week I measured up. My girth hasn’t changed (its still at 4.5”) but now I’m not at the big 8” BP!! Time to start girth work I guess…

In 7 months I’ve grown a whole 2” in length! I’m so over the moon and so thankful! Thank you so much to my buddy Beast and to all you guys out there on this forum!! I love you guys! Thanks!


P.S. P.E. Works!
P.P.S. Thunders rules!

going from 6 to 8 is a mega difference.

In 7 months is incredible!! Good job.

Originally Posted by Beast

In 2 weeks in grown a WHOLE INCH! Unbelievable! I was over the moon!

Damn, I didn’t even realize that living human skin could stretch that much in 2 weeks. Your unit must be striped with stretch marks, like a candy cane. Your unit grew about 1 mm every 13.2 hours. Not bad.

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