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Jojido: Secrets of the Ancients Revealed! (1995)

Yeah, I saw that guide on eMule years ago, but it was an English version.

It’s a nice curiosity.

This thread is excellent and extensive for penis enlargement. I believe that Chinese Tao method can maximize the enlargement potential.

Great read. There is actually a lot of good advice in there.

Great post.

Any word on the female version?

My wife would love to read it

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Hey Ike have you given any of the exercises a try.

Great thread, I’m going to employ some these methods, some I already do.

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The one thing that struck me as something I hadn’t heard is doing reverse kegels as an exercise…very interesting.

The second, that I had heard before but never tried is the towel trick. I had read an article years back about a group of old guys that were known for their sexual prowess, even at an advanced age. They claim they were able to hang a soaking wet bath towel off their erections and move it up and down! I never really bought it, but now…I’m gonna see if I can work up to that kind of power.

Overall (other than 30 minutes of jelquing for your first time) I think it is a very well developed program.

Wow! Thanks for posting this Ike!!

I have been trying for a while now to achieve multiple orgasms, I have tried the kegel squeeze method and the meditation / redirecting energy stuff. Neither have worked for me with much success at all.

I have been doing kegels while flaccid for a few years now, but I had never heard of doing kegels erect with weight on the penis, such as suggested in the article. Well, I started adding them to my routine in the morning and the night 5 days ago, the result is amazing. When I would do my normal kegel sets of 100 or so reps without an erection, I never felt that much of anything. Doing it while erect, with the penis weighted gives me a huge burn in my PC(BC?) muscle. I feel like there is a warmth in my PC muscle area.

Anyway, about an hour ago, for the first time ever, I came very very close to a dry orgasm. I have been able to successfully kegel before going “over the edge” in the past, and keep myself from ejaculating, but there was no sensation that resembled orgasm. Today however, about 4 or 5 times while beating it, I was able to get to the point maybe .05 seconds before semen starts to try to come out, kegel hard and hold it, and feel what felt probably 70-90% as good as an ejaculatory orgasm, but there was no ejaculation. After doing this for the 4th or 5th time I finally lost control and went a little too far bast the point of no return, and was unable to keep all the semen from coming out. I was able to retain some of it, but I still lost my erection.

Hopefully in the next few weeks/months I can perfect the technique! This discovery, on top of my newly made size gains have really gotten me re-enthused about PE.


I have tried the kegel push method before reading this, and I can usually keep from ejaculating by using it. But the squeeze seems to be more pleasurable.

So we have developed a ” HANDS FREE” way for you to accomplish this move. It is a simple device that can be worn the whole time, safely & with comfort.

What is this device?

That was a great read. I am definitely going to read through this again soon and put it into practice.

I remember I had a very similar text. I got it in nthe late 90’s from a porn site selling it. Of ocurse didn’t pay for it. I hacked the site. LOL

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It was an interesting read, no doubt. Only thing is they didn’t emphatize on methods to enlarge cock, but only how to have stronger erections and all.

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This is a very interesting thread


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