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Jelquing is so annoying

Jelquing is so annoying

Well I am uncut and when I jelq when my foreskin goes up and bunches at the head its painful! Not to mention my penis is only 4.75 so making an O grip that thin is tough. Is there another exercise I can do? I tried making a power jelq out of a jar lifter but the foam wont stick with crazy glue! :( also I duct taped the foam onto it and now my penis just slides out of the power jelq. Ive decided rather than just hang I am also going to jelq. Any other exercises I can do that are easier for us uncut people?

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If its girth you are after, uli’s might help especially if you are hanging as it mainly works on upper shaft and head girth, and hanging usually increases base girth (apparently) So it would be a good addition to your routine.

I am also uncut but don’t have the skin problem you mention when jelqing, are you using lube? Are you using enough?


It certainly sounds like you’re not using enough lube, the constant friction of jelqing can wear it out faster than you might think. I’m also uncut and it sounds as though you might be squeezing a bit too hard, as you complain about your foreskin ‘bunching up’ when it reaches the head - my only suggestion would be to relax your grip a little when you reached the underside of the head, as I don’t think that will effect how well the jelq works for you and should provide some relief.

Look up the Uli Clamps thread…It’s looks promising…

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Try RB’s dry jelq method using your fingertips. With each stroke you pull the foreskin back and use the moving skin as “lube.”


Memento had a good post
about jelqing with an uncut unit.

Also, here’s one on
Uncircumcised Jelqing

Hope that helps.

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Clamped ulies are awesome. Clamped Horse Squeezes are even better.

I use Johnson & Johnson’s Creamy baby oil as a lube. Works well, and the skin on my dick and balls is very soft. I think it somehow helps in the circulation as well. That’s just my opinion, though. I noticed a change after going from water in the shower as lube to the oil.

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