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Jelqs for length

Jelqs for length

The other night I tried proper jelquing for the first time, about 250 reps. I couldn’t believe how well they boosted my length during the session :D

I hate stretching as there is only one way I can grip my cock, and it ends up with my having an aching thumb and glans.

What I would like to know is, is it possible to improve length with purely jelqing, or is stretching needed?

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Shit yeah, before I started hanging I jelqed at 70% erect and made great gains in length but when I switched to full erect jelqing my length gains stopped. As much as I don’t like it a lube like vasoline or going dry is most likely best it would give you the most pull.

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I gained length with just wet jelqing. I can’t say if that works for everyone. It is probably considered to be a slow way to go without having stretching also in the routine. I would have stretched also but I only mainly knew about jelqing for gains at the time. You could try just jelqing for a few months and see what happens. Good luck.

my best length gains came from jelquing alone (1/4” in 2 weeks). Although, it was during my first 2 weeks of PE, which was probably a factor. But regardless, it was 100% jelquing.

Jelq or stretch,it’s a problem.

Wish pe like bodybuilding ,easy to work.

Hmm, you can get some length gains from wet jelqing at about 60-70%, as Dino said. However, you aren’t tapping into all your potential if you don’t stretch the ligs manually.

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As with Xtroop, I made immediate gains just jelqing for the first two months. I made my biggest gains, though, when I added the stretches.


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