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Jelqing while laying on your back...

Jelqing while laying on your back...

I had a thought to try this the other day and was wondering if anyone else had pondered this thought or actually practiced the technique and if so — with any success?

I myself have made a few brief attempts and am finding a outward facing palm grip where I pull toward my chest seems like it might be promising

I do realize its a non standard jelqing technique but thats seems to be why im asking the question. Look forward to your responses.


I find laying while jelqing a better method because I can do pc exercises that seem to help with lengthening. So itmakes it a length and girth exercise.


Thanks for your reply.

Was wondering what kind of grip you use and if youve youve been able to jelq in that position for prolonged sessions ie. 20+ minutes?

I think the position could be promising, as well as an interesting change up, and would welcome any suggestions you have.

Feel free to go into detail as I would be interested to hear how you have developed your technique.

Thanks in advance, rw

I like jelqing on my back because it keeps me from having so many rock hard erections. I jelq at about 50-75% erection so I can get more blood pumped into the CC. If I am sitting up I tend to be 100% erect too much so I can’t get any blood flowing anywhere.

I am able to maintain a good 75% almost the whole time on my back. Plus, I watch TV while I jelq so it helps keep my arousal down. Sometimes I just get so horny I wanna blast a load right on the bed, so watching TV really helps out. :)

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good 2 hear from you charlie. sounds like making some good progress.

would also encourage others who read this post to give the technique a shot a tells us what you think.

thanks - rw

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Hey, what’s up?

I’ve been alternating different jelq positions like that ever since I began PE. From sitting to standing to laying back, they all have their advantages. Sometimes I really gotta be in a groove to get a good effect from prolonged jelqing while laying on my back. I couldn’t really tell ya if it made any difference, though.
Lately I’ve been jelqing straight down while sitting. I never really tried it that way before. It’s like I’m trying to use gravity to help me expand my cock as I slide my grip downward towards the floor.

Is this correct?

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Id have to say that is the correct way for doing the traditional or common method of jelqing.

"Eat Beaver - Save Trees - Simple right?"


I find that alternating thumb on top and bottom helps with variety and stamina. My sessions usually range from 5 to 15 minutes. It depends on time available or how it is feeling. The better a session seems to feel, the longer the session. Generally, the more results I seem to be getting the more motivated I am to do a longer session.

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