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Jelqing up or down?

Jelqing up or down?

Hey guys

Is there any difference how do you jelq up or down? I find jelqing up much more comfortable but does that affect lenght gains in any way (it’s about girth I know but could it affect lenght also)? And how much do you press? On the video I think that guy grabs it really tight.

Definitely jelq away from your body, not toward it. How you hold the penis while jelqing, up or down, doesn’t matter. Jelqing does affect length as well as girth. You squeeze hard enough to feel the blood move in front of your stroke and to cause a build up of pressure which you push toward the glans (head). This is why you shouldn’t be 100% erect. That leaves no room for blood movement. Being 60-80% erect provides enough blood to move within the corpora cavernosa as well as leaving room for the blood to move with each stroke.

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