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Jelqing tips.

Jelqing tips.

I jelq about everyday, but still feel that I havent learned how to do it exactly right. At about 65% erect, I can feel the blood move upwards towards the head. Am I suppose to feel a lig pull here too? What do you feel when you jelq? Any tips would be great.

Another question is, how often do you experience red spots. I always have them after a work out. Usually gone by morning though. They dont hurt so I jelq the next day. Do you think its good to jelq until red spots appear and stop. Would red spots symbolize a good work out? Any other thoughts on red spots would also be great.


Red spots- every jelqing session, as for tips, the best feeling is when you are 65% erect at the begining, but then at the end your chambers have been expanded so that the same amount of blood is about 50% erect, so try it both somewhat flacid and totally erect.

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Never jelq totally erect!

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Red spots are a welcome thing to me. I see them as signs of progress. I never really thought about lig stretch during jelq., but I will try to be conscious of this during my next jelq and see if I experience this at all. I usually like to keep lig consentration for my Blaster routine.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Thanks for the help.


At about 65% erect, I can feel the blood move upwards towards the head.
From what I’ve read, this sounds nominal. Take a look here for more thorough info on
Jelq erection levels.
Bear in mind, everyone does things alittle differently. Some guys never jelq erect, some swear by it (like DLD for example). Jelqing erect is not for anyone without several months of solid PE behind them, and no ongoing injuries.

Am I suppose to feel a lig pull here too?
I do this also, combine a jelq with a stretch, seems economical to do so, but not every time. Here’s some info on
Stretched Jelqing
you may find useful. Watch out for the nerve bundles at the top behind the glans.

How often do you experience red spots?
Not everytime, but everyone is different. I personally will encounter them from
Jelq squeezes
. Unless they are excessive and are gone by the next day or so, I would agree with DLD, that they are a sign of working your dick.

As always, err on the side of caution, avoid injury at all cost. Like Dino said, take the long haul approach.

Hope that helps, good luck.

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