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Jelqing & Stretching 101

Thank you to all who reply to this or read,because I know it was covered a thousand times already.The search option gives me alot of advanced stuff,but as I am a newbie I would like some advice with the newbie routine.Namely I would like to work on length first and later on focus on girth.Now my question is should I stick to the Newbie routine as it is layed out,or should I :a)decrease Jelqs(I’m under the impression they are girth exercises) ,b)quit Jelqing until I reach a desired length, c)do low erection Jelqs.

And finally are there any other safe length exercises for a newbie(2 months in).All advice is greatly appreciated.


Jelqing works for length as well. Jelqing is the primary PE exercise. It should probably always be a part of your routine.

You could probably add V and inverted V stretches now.

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Thank you very much for your reply,will give them a try when I hit the 3 month period.

But that is for the length jelq.

And for the width, to thicken the penis as it is?

Begin: junho/2012 6.69" vs 5.45"

Goal: let's see what happens.

A) What is the proper engorgement level when jelqing? I always start off flaccid jelqing, but after about 40 jelqs are so it can get pretty big, thick, and hard. In fact it’s about as big as it gets from clamping, but harder. Is this what I’m supposed to be doing? Should I keep jelqing at this point, or wait till it gets flaccid again. I’m wary of erect jelqing because I know how taxing of an exercise it can be. Would this be considered erect jelqing, or just the proper level of engorgement?

B) When jelqing, is it better to apply more pressure to the sides of the penis, or the top and bottom? For me it seems I get better expansion going out the sides then I do from top to bottom.

C) How much force should be applied? (or, How much force do you apply? How has that worked for you?)

D) Generally, why is it that we see growth from jelqing? Is it because it improves blood flow and gives you harder/bigger erections? Is it because you’re essentially pushing blood into the penis, temporarily expanding the size of the penis, and then these temporary changed eventually become permanent? Anyone? I’d like to hear a theory on this.

Some good advice on this thread to help a newbie out

Originally Posted by schuss8899
Making the wiener bigger is such a simple and straight forward exercise but to read some of the desertations on this site one would believe they are venturing into the final frontier. I cannot believe the myriad of ways that procedures like jelqing and stretching are ajudicated on this site; gentlemen, just as there is one proven method to blow up a balloon ie put the open end to your mouth and blow, there is only one elementary way to enlarge the wiener.

To gain volume which is the most critical objective requires an engorged penis and then pressure at the ends to create expansion. The pressure must exceed what your normally use to inorder to have cellular breakdown and regeneration to occur——its that simple——-squeeze the pecker! What I disagree with is all the garbage on how you grip it and rip it, what a bunch of wasted words. What I will say is that in my experience and if you want to maintain a statuesque member, you must jelq in a fashion that pleases the eye so if you don’t want your head to turn into something from the “outer limits” always jelq going away from the corona and excentuate the ballooning of the head to gain that nice symetrical large helmet.

Length is gained best with a stretch instead of a squeeze, so boys, attach the weight and let it hang. Thats it, why all this hyperbole over something so simple. I don’t really know why one would exceed 10lbs in there hanging routine but to each is own. Here again the cells breakdown and lengthen and regenerate.

There is so much clutter and misinformation out there, it must be the ultimate tabu.son, never play with the wiener and never ever try to make it bigger. I mean you would think on one of your camp physicals the doctor or nurse would take you aside and say, “now I have something to impart to you that will give you great strength and women will light up like a supernova when you go by.yes, we can make it bigger and better than whats currently in your shorts.”

This site is amusing and I would enjoy perusing it on the occasional rainy day but alas, I don’t have the time to learn all the acronyms and wonderful linguistics that you can find in just one posting. You should really sell the audio tape to the newbies, I no the language cannot be more difficult than the first year of russian.

I need girth so if I would follow your advice I would squeeze, but how would you squeeze (in detail) ?

Like every 3 seconds on random parts and try to squeeze everywhere ? And squeeze how hard ?


I too am a Newbie and would like to raise the question, which may seem simple but like I said I am a newbie, do you need to stretch when jelqing? Can you expect decent gains with such a simple routine as:

Warm up: 5 minutes
Wet jelq: 5 minutes (40-50) jelqs
Cool down: 5 minutes
Repeat four days rest for one

Does this seem like a productive routine or do you have to incorporate alot of stretching?
Any replies with past experience or advice would be much appreciated.


If you were to address a beginner on how to stretch safely at first. What would be some stretches you would recommend to gain size along with jelqing?

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My advise: try all of them. Find which works You the best and do it. I have good stretch from inverted V’s.

Priority should be the Newbie Routine.

Love this thread.

A great post and sound advice throughout this thread. Thank you guys.

Starting stats:- Dec11th2008 7.2"bpelx6" meg.Mar23rd09 8.375"bpel x 6.125"meg. Mar10 8.4" bpelx6.125" meg.

Goal: 8"nbpel x 7" A one eyed monster by any standard :)

Small length but decent girth

I have been very curious about PE and whether it truly works. I have a very odd penis in my opinion it is 4.5 inches not bone pressed and the mid shaft girth is 5.8 inches and the base is 6 inches. Will jelqing help increase my length? Somebody please help

Originally Posted by bwhite23
I have been very curious about PE and whether it truly works. I have a very odd penis in my opinion it is 4.5 inches not bone pressed and the mid shaft girth is 5.8 inches and the base is 6 inches. Will jelqing help increase my length? Somebody please help

Yes, jelqing can help increase your length but it takes time. Remeber to start with a light routine and then gradually increase.

If you want to increase length through jelqing i would suggest you jelq under 50% erection.


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