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Jelqing/squeezing only the sides?

Jelqing/squeezing only the sides?

Whenever I do normal jelqing or tornique jelqing, my dorsal nerve really gets a battering. It really doesn’t like it at all and it leaves my dorsal nerve with an ache that comes and goes for days afterwards sometimes. I have been doing jelqing along the sides alone just recently but don’t know how effective it is going to be. How many of you feel the same dorsal nerve irritation from normal jelqing and how many of you do jelqing along the sides of the shaft? Have you had any good results from this type of jelqing at all? Is it worth my time doing it this way?

I also find squeezes/uli’s hard on my dorsal nerve. How effective can squeezes/uli’s be when just done on the sides? How many of you do this? I would jelq and squeeze along both the sides and bottom but I can’t figure out a way to grip in away that constricts the bottom without also constricting the top, so I just constrict the sides alone instead.

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I don’t mean to show my ignorance but dorsal nerve, is that the main blue vein across the top surface of your penis? If so I also feel that, is this a bad thing, I wouldn’t say the ache is awful but if I jelq the day before & am going to begin another session the day after I feel the ache.

The nerve is not a vein or artery. It is responsible for sensations and intra-cellular communication, not blood flow.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

When I jelq, I usually use an underhand grip (palms facing up) so the webbing between my index finger and my thumb tends to be the part that goes over the dorsal side, preventing too much pressure from being placed onto the nerve. And when I use the overhand grip, I make sure that the “V” between my index finger and my thumb goes over the dorsal side, even though this position is kind of awkward, since I have to turn my wrists inward and rotate my hands outward.

In other words, I’m also jelqing harder on the sides. I just started three weeks ago, and haven’t measured yet, so I’m not sure whether it’s totally effective. I FEEL like I’m accomplishing something, however.

But in theory, I think that jelqing just on the sides is probably almost as effective, because you have one CC on each side, and the CS is centred on the bottom, but you don’t have a separate cavernous body in the middle on top.

Lots of vets focus on putting pressure on the sides. Ulistretch said that’s where he applied most of his pressure, and his gains were incredible. It’s probably not an inferior method, and definitely not an ineffective one.

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In my opinion, this technique is just as good as the normal jelq, except it’s harder to do, and puts very little pressure on the Corpus Spongiosum. However, some veterans say that you can’t increase the size of the CS, and if they are right (I hope not) and you feel that it’s easy for you to do, I think you should do it that way.

How do you do Ulis only on the sides?

Pff. I would bet your life that you can increase the size of your CS.

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Likeness, I don’t do Uli’s because it puts too much pressure on my dorsal nerve because of the compression on the top. I was just asking if some kind of squeeze only on the sides is used by anyone and if it is affective. Perhaps a pan style squeeze but instead of the pressure being put on the top and bottom, it could be applied to the sides. Either by placing one side of the penis against a flat hard surface, such as a wall or board and using your hand to push and compress the other side of the penis. Or by using both balls of the hands, pushing on oposite sides of the penis.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Can’t increase the CS? :chuckle: Try clamping

Try Keagling with BTB Jelqing…works good for me. Although I was blessed with a disproportionatly small CS compared to the CC so…

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