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Jelqing Question

Jelqing Question

I have another question for you guys. My cock had a little bit of a curve to it. It curves up and to the right and tilts to the right, almost like one side is higher than the other. I can’t decide if this is because I had an injury when I was 13 or because I used to use the same hand until about 2 years ago. My injury was getting hit by a golf ball right above my cock, not the cock itself, just about 1cm above it. So I’m not sure if some scar tissue made it’s way down my shaft or if it’s just from using the same hand. However, my question is that when I am jelqing upwards I feel a bit of a sharp pain inside my shaft where the curve is located. It’s not that bad of a pain, not bad enough to make me say ouch and drop to my knees, but bad enough to notice. Is this from the shaft stretching or scar tissue in the shaft breaking apart. Either way do you think I should keep it up and apply more pressure or reduce the pressure? If you want to see my cock so you can see the curve go to the search engine and type in “fix my tilt”.

You should apply less pressure and see if the pain continues or not.

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