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Jelqing, how to advance

Jelqing, how to advance

I keep hearing that one has to increase intensity and volume when jelqing to keep getting gains..

Most of the people in here say they do around 200, but I never hear of anyone doing over 500!

Some say to do it for 30 minutes, but hell, that would probably be over a thousand!

I’ve been going at for around 5 months now, and I only do 2 or 3 hundred.. Should I move up?

My dick seems to shrink up after I jelq, and I really hate that, but the next day, it seems to hang good.

>Should I move up? <

Definately not.

>My dick seems to shrink up after I jelq, and I really hate that<

This is a good indication that you are overdoing it, so if anything cut down.

That makes good sense, but my cock is shrinking up after only 200 jelqs? I have been doing 200 for the entire time I’ve been jelqing.. But I guess I’ll move it down to one hundred.

And just to add to my frustration,*lol*,

I can’t seem to access any video clips.. It’s say’s my account does not have permission! Why is this? Anyone else have this problem?

Hi Starter,

What types of jelq’s are you doing? Wet or dry? How long do you hold them for? Also, what erection level? Personally I’ve never experienced shrinkage after jelqing if anything its usually plump. How long after does the shrinkage start? Just curious.

I wouldn’t reduce your number of jelqs. You may want to do 100 then do Ulis (10 squeezes) then another set of 100 jelqs then Ulis again. I do 3 sets of jelqs on average (total of 300 or more if I have the time) with Ulis in between and never get shrinkage. I do it in the mornings and hand (15 lbs/3 sets/15min) in the evening (with two days off).

I really don’t think shrinkage means over doing it.

After a girth routine this is how my dick behaves:
1. plump from the session
2. shrunken for a while
3. Much bigger flaccid hang about 2 hours later

Hi guys
Ive been doing pe for about 2 weeks and at first I was over at bettermans and that place for some damn reason made me think you were sposed to jelq while 100% . I was doin one hand up, kegel, and start other hand. I think I was nuts now. but did my cock ever feel pumped afterwards(I dont feel pumped without a workout like that, i think thats why i did it in the first place). And i didnt get any red spots at all. I jelqued for a 45 min-hour at a time for about a week straight. But obviously i did a really fuckin stupid thing right?? for the last week i have been jelqing about a half hour and at between 30-70%. My dick feels a minute bit bigger and it is a damn bit harder than it was a week and a half ago(kegels probably). But do you guys think I may have screwed myself up for gains and maybe done some real damage by jelqing too long and hard.??

And can PE be an EVERYDAY THANG??…

Thanks alot


I think what most PE’ers will agree on is that you should jelq around 30-70 like you’re doing. It seems that 100 percent is good for girth, but not so good when you’re starting out. I haven’t heard of injuries, but I’d take it easy for at least the first 2 months doing it 100 percent, if you do it at all.

I don’t think it’s stupid at all, just look for girth (which comes much slower in my experience then length). More importantly, you didn’t inhibit any gains. I think as you look for girth, clamping may be the best way to go.

Kegels are great for me while jelqing. You’ll see more of a gain in hardness overtime. I’m at it for around 3 months now, and whereas before I could at least somewhat bend willy, the thing is like steel now. Another benefit I’ve found from Kegels, is I can stop from coming like Superman. I mean, I just flex, and it stops. I’d read that, but never understood/belived it. It’s a great feeling to be able to do that.

As far as an everyday thing, there’s conflicting theories on this, much like jelq erection level. I do it everyday, and there have been some good gainers who do it everyday as well. Most advise a 5 on 1 off schedule. My routine is two 30 minute (or more) sessions per day. I’ve gone up to two hours. I’ve gained an inch in my 3 months. Best thing I could tell you is trial an error. Read as much as you can from Thunder’s via searching, and figure out what’s best for you. If you feel sore, rest, otherwise, IMHO, go for it!

I will reach my goals. Period. Starting Stats: NBPEL: 5.75 (2/1/2004) EG: 5.00 Current Stats: NBPEL: 7.75 (6.11.2005) EG: 6.125 EG Base: 6.5 (YES!!!) Goals: NPEFL: 9 BPEL: 10 EG: 7

Perhaps you should try some dry jelqing - I solely use dry jelqing in my routine at the moment, as the pump is much greater for me.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

Thanks Alot KongDONG, Awwshucks, for the responses, really appreciate it.

I wanted to start at length and thats what I meant by “screwed up my chances at gains”. because people round here say do length work before girth work. I did massive girth work (in my opinion) for my first week of PE(accident). I also have a low lot and am wondering while doing stretches if I should stretch down at all. Do you guys have low lots?? I ask this because obviously You both have impressive track records(THREE MONTHS KONGDONG. YOU ARE MY IDOL). And was wondering if I could in time attain what you both have. I have asked this all in here because I am not allowed to post new threads. Dont know why.

Thanks again


First off, you’re allowed to start new threads in the newbies forum…anywhere else after 20 posts (this my 20th!).

And yes, you did do a lot of girth work early. If you can handle it, I don’t think its bad personally. So long as you don’t hurt yourself, I think it’s all good. Here’s the bottom line with 100 percent to me…either way, you’re pumping blood into places it hasn’t necessarily gone before. This means you’re gonna gain in some way. Maybe some of the vets could confirm this, but I think the reason it works for length when you’re not completly hard is that you’ve got a bit of a stretch going on since you’re pulling down or our (so you’re kinda constantly doing a stretch while jelquing without really thinking about it).

My LOT is around 7 or 8, so I don’t personally belive in it all that much. I think we’re all unique. One thing about lot to understand is that it’s not when you don’t feel tugback really, it’s when you stop seeing it. I thought my lot was 6, but after reading some on it, it turns out it was around 8. As far as jelquing as it applys to lot, I think you don’t really need to worry about it. Lot seems more of a guide on how to stretch. My routine has only been palm down, mostly all down or out jeqls (almost all downward). So I say jelq downward, and stretch upward. Look up A stretches, those have had some great results (I think they’re called a…where you put your dick over your forewarm, and pull. Those give a great stretch of the ligs for me anyway.

As far as my track record, girth, I can’t begin to tell you how amazed I am. I read from beginning every damn thread in this place I thought would be useful. EVERY thread. Here’s the crazy thing about my gains…I gained about .5 or so, and had to take a complete break (staying with family back home) for two weeks. I lost about .3 or so, got back on the horse, and gained right away. That was about a month ago, so it’s been even less time to get those gains.

So can you gain an inch in 3 months? It may take you 1 month, it may take you one year…no way to tell. I always felt A LOT of tension in my ligs, and I belive that had a bunch to do with it. Bottom line, is if you don’t see great gains in a few months, do not give up!!! If you were able to do so much to yourself in the beginning, like I did as well, you probably have a healthy guy. That’s positive that you can work him that much, and he’s OK. Means you can have intense routines.

The only other stuff I can think to add is that your weight has a definite correlation. However much you can jab a ruler into your fat pad, means more potential gains. I’ve only got about an inch of fat pad, but hey, I’ll take another inch. That just comes down to getting a lower body fat percentage, and getting into better shape. One other thing on jelqing…I pull to the left and right since I feel a lot of tightness in there. All the way to the left, and to the right. If you have that same tightness, pull it!

So stay with it…bottom line. My first 1/2 inch came in the first month…stayed there, then took my break, came back too it, and bam! I think it’s very common for guys to see good gains in the 5th month or so. I’m a very together guy, but to have almost a new relationship with my guy is great. I think a lot of us see our dicks as seperate entities…but I know willy will never let me down, since I understand him so much. This has been an unreal positive in my life, and a great hobby!

Feel free to ask any other questions, since that’s what this place is all about!

PS Check your PM’s

I will reach my goals. Period. Starting Stats: NBPEL: 5.75 (2/1/2004) EG: 5.00 Current Stats: NBPEL: 7.75 (6.11.2005) EG: 6.125 EG Base: 6.5 (YES!!!) Goals: NPEFL: 9 BPEL: 10 EG: 7

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