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Jelqing - Helping or hindering gains??


Even though I’m not hanging yet, so I don’t really have anything to contribute, I just want to say that this thread is appreciated. I’m watching and learning… and becoming more and more interested in hanging the longer I do PE.

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Back to the the original topic of this thread and whether or not jelqing can hinder lenth gains…

I think that this may be the most telling characteristic of the “hard-gainers” around here. Perhaps the stronger, sturdier, and over-all healthier penis, the harder it is to stretch and gain. This makes sense in light of the fact that many of the older PE’ers around here, those into their forties and above, have had great gains, especially in the beginning; their penises have already seen their youth, and are, like the other parts of the body, beginning to “slack off,” so to speak. But the penis isn’t a muscle, more like an appendage, and a pliable, stretchable one at that. It makes sense that those who possess the gift of a strong, sturdy, youthful penis, will have a harder time stretching it out, a give/take kind of deal.

Another thing, to add to my comment above.

Being a pretty serious, collegiate athlete, I know from experience that most of the naturally cut, wiry guys such as myself, are about as flexible as piano wire. Its just, I guess, one of nature’s concessions.

I would even venture to say that, the reason why women are more flexible than men, is probably because they simply are not as “wiry” as we are. This doesn’t mean of course, that with some hard work and dedication, we can all become flexible. (Just look at Bruce Lee, the ultimate in physical prowess.) But still, its going to be a harder, longer road for those who have a natural, “tight” build.

I’ve always enjoyed rock-hard erections. I’m talking ceiling-pointers here. I don’t jelq to increase the quality of my penis, and do believe that length gains will be harder to come by if the penis becomes healthier, stronger, etc.

But finally, its important to realize that, though we may have small, minute things that separate our physical anatomies, we are, in essence the exact same. There is no such thing as an “impossible-gainer,” just like, in sports, there is no such thing as an athlete who cannot transform himself into a very pliable and healthy state of flexibility. There will always be those who are more flexible than others, however. So keep at it.

I remember posting something about jelqing and gains a while back. I’ve always wondered if you jelq for a long time if your dick would become resistant to it. My routine would feel “naked” without them, though, since I don’t hang.

Becoming.... Godsize


I think that you will become accustomed to a jelqing routine, just like a bodybuilding one. You need to constantly push your barriers by increasing reps or pressure, just like in weightlifting.


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