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jelqing for length

jelqing for length

I’ve tried hanging and absolutely hate it, plus I hung for about two months and didn’t gain a millimeter. I previoulsy gained 1/2” in length and girth doing the newbie routine, my gains slowed so thats when I got into hanging, after disappointment I stopped hanging and took about a couple weeks off. I am now determined to gain length strictly through jelqing. Is that even to be considered, because I hate stretching as well as hanging. If I were to jelq for length what would my routine look like? Any suggestions?

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Basically, jelq well lubed with swift but good quality strokes of 1-2 seconds. Jelq at angles below your LOT, if possible.


I’m just curious how long you had been doing the newbie routine when you stopped making gains and decided to start hanging? I jelqed for over two months before I added the stretches. And there was a point where I made no gains for six weeks. No hanging for me. Too complicated, too messy, and too risky. I tend to baby willy. How long were your sessions?



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The newbie routine was a while ago, I can’t really remember, but my best guess would be about 2 and a half months when I turned to hanging, I changed because my gains were slowing. My sessions were 30 minutes wet jelq almost every day of the week, with some variation like uli’s and horse’s.

"Nothing to lose, but everything to GAIN!" Current Stats: NBPEL: 7" EG: 5 3/4"



When you say Jelq below your lot…mines around 7, so does that mean I should jelq at 6 (downward) for length?



I think a LOT of 7 is unfortunately below the angle range where gains from lig stretching are plausible. Moreover, your back will probably begin to hurt if you were to jelq straight down.

If however there is any gain left to be had from stretching your ligs, you could try to squat and grab the shaft from down under, hold it stretched at ~4 o’clock while reverse kegeling. Each time you let go of the RK, you’ll increase the length you’re pulling; try it, you’ll believe it! Besides hanging and the occassional fowfer, that’s what I do on short private moments throughout the day. It’s very easy to also attack either side of the lig bundles by stretching left or right; just tuck the shaft on either side of the balls and stretch away.
Stealth factor: 10:10 recommended. Don’t let them spot you performing this one…

Jelq at a 70% erection

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This is why I’ve wondered about LOT. I’ve been jelquing for a little over two months now, and already gained .75in both bpel and nbel. My lot has stayed the same during this time. I dunno if it doesn’t apply to me, as we’re all different, or what. I feel a good deal of tightness in my ligs still, so I’m gonna keep going until I stop growing. I’m sure I’m doing lot right because I had to read it over and over with such a low lot.

My gains have been in the past month really after switching to an overhand jelq, and getting up to around 750 per day. Never sore, and could go for more if I felt it would be useful. I’m only jelquing (no stretching, wraps or hanging). Willy is holding up just fine, and thankfully growing :) .

Who knows, but thanks for the advice.


Are you sure about that; I realize erection levels are subjective but isn’t 70% as a guideline really on the high side for length targeted jelqing?
By any measure, when jelqing at higher-scale erection levels one should be aware not to stroke too swiftly. With a 70% erection level, for safety do not use <2 seconds strokes.


Those really are fantastic gains - congratulations!

About the LOT, it doesn’t apply to gains from cell expanding which - since you’re jelqing only, and seeing that you’ve gained plenty girth - likely accounts for a good deal of your gains so far.
Some length gains may indeed have come from lig stretching, if you’ve been jelqing at sub LOT angles. Your LOT is apt to change (get lower) with lig stretching; maybe you started out higher than 7:00?


I tend to agree with Ideal. I have jelqed as low as 30-40%, swift strokes, and gained great length. I always thought that 70 % was more for girth.

BTW, I’m still waiting for the Dick Fairy to grant me my wish.

Originally Posted by Andrew69

I’m still waiting for the Dick Fairy to grant me my wish.

Yeah, that one… I quit waiting and got a bib instead.

Length can be gained from jelqing, but combining with stretching and/or hanging would be optimal.

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Thanks for the congrats!
I will start stretching soon, and get a hanger/penismaster in the next few months. I want to see how much gain I can get from jelquing alone, and though I’m in no rush, I’m ecstatic about my gains so far. I know I’ve been very luck as of so far. The only difference in my jeqluing is that I pull pretty hard toward the end so I can feel a stretch, as well as jelquing far to the right and left. I feel a lot of stretch there…I mean a lot.

I haven’t been doing sub lot’s either…only straight out, to the left and right. Rarely down, and never up (not comfortable (balls in the way)). My lot seems to be holding steady at 7 since I started, so who knows. Overall though, I’ll throw in around 1 or 2 hundred sub lot jelqs (which would be straight down, right?).

God bless this place!

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