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As with other exercises, fatigue is a good sign and we should “ride it out as long as we can” because gains most often occur when the target area is fatigued since the ligs, cells,.are the weakest.

Is it the same for jelqing? As in when the pipe is fatigued and soar from jelqing should we do it as mouch as possible, or is fatigue from jelqing a sign that we need rest?

By the way, I am mainly looking for length gains in jelqing-at-50% erect. It seems like I mainly get fatigued or soar at the end of my rod- like where the shaft meets the head. Is this the right spot, or should I be feeling something else??

Any thoughts would be appreciated


Allright well no one knew anything about that.hard to imagine

Either way how about this..

When I jelq twice daily my dong gets sore as shit. Like the head is really sore, and the next morning when I want to do a morning session I can’t even do it because my dong is still sore.

Is this good?-am I jelqing properly since the head of my pipe is sore-beit forcing blood into it. ( I am going for length-hanging didn’t get me much)

—Since I practically have to take the whole next day off before I can jelq again would that just be a good idea for the routine.jelq the shit out of cock one day, take of for recooperation the next day? Anyone get results from that?

Or once daily, every day, just making it a lil bit sore, good enough to jelq the next day


There are people on both sides of the “rest day” issue. Some work their unit like mad, others insist rest days give growth. Fortunately, I am just clamping now, and some guys have proven that you can clamp almost constantly and make steady gains, without rest days.

*I measure PRE-WORKOUT, normal erection* Started: 7 EBP x 4.9 EG. Several years on and off PE, now 8.125 EBP length x 5.5 EG midshaft (5.8 base). Working on girth (clamping) again after breaks due to injuries - fast recent gains! Pics

For length you want to fatigue the ligs. For jelqing you do not want to feel like you’re in pain at all. You can damage nerves or veins by overdoing it with jelqing.

You seem to be doing it with the same enthusiasm I did and I’m just now getting back into it from having been sidelined by a 2-3 month injury with visits to the Urologist all while having to watch some of my gains disappear.

If I can offer any advice it would be not to overdue it. Don’t ignore the pain and soreness and continue to jelq or stretch your way through it. It’s not worth it. Sometimes the excruciating pain comes a day after you’ve hurt yourself, not while you’re exercising.

Tiger, Being sore the next day probaly means you should rest a bit at least until later in the day when your dick is not really sore anymore imo so you can completely heal and grow from the last session then attack your dick with another session. Everyone is different, everyone in PE needs to keep reading to learn and for motivation and apply subtle new techniques and styles to there excersizes as they see fit based off what they are learning from reading and expierence from doing PE each day.

Maybe tone down the jelqing a little and get more into manual stretching… I like manual stretching a lot, but some people find it boring. It’s funny because I find the opposite is true for me, I would rather manual stretch for a hour then jelq for 30 mins. But anyways I believe from my expierence and knowledge that jelqing is primarely a penial health and girth type excersize with some slow length benfits over time. If you want to get some length quickly then I suggest strongly that you start doing all kinds of manual stretching every day and attack your ligs. When you feel a manual stretch taxing your ligs (around the base of your penis) from pulling straight out at a certain angle keep doing 15-30 second stretchs there for about 3-4 times tell it is pretty sore around the ligs area, then attack another angle with your manual stretchs until you feel sore there. By the end of the session, you’re base area should be kind of sore from a day up to only about 30mins to a hour based on how conditioned your unit is to manual stretching. I know for a fact that manual stretches have given me most of my gains. I have been PE’ing since mid-January and I have gained over a inch and a half in these 4 months from mainly manual stretchs alone. I learned early on when doing PE that the jelqing I started doing with the manual stretchs wasn’t really helping me with length gains, plus to me it was kind of boring. So for the last couple months I switched only to straight manual stretchs (many different variosu types when they were needed as my dick adapted to certain stretchs) to get the results I have now.

Also I’ll mention to you that I am finnaly starting to expieremnt a little more with some girth type excersizes, like uli’s jelqing, horse440’s, etc but mainly still focus on the manual stretches for length since most people believe it is wiser to attack the length before girth so you can gain quicker because there isn’t added volume size of the penis to stretch. I don’t know if this is true but it kind of makes sence.

Good luck man! Keep it up….

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