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Jelqing and My Foreskin

Jelqing and My Foreskin

hey I don’t know if this should go into a newbie thread or main member thread, but I have recently started doing jelqs again and I have a problem. My foreskin rolls over my head constantly and I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing. Am i supposed to retract the skin fully or does it even matter? I have quite a bit of skin and it’s hard as hell to retract it when my hands are lubed up.

Unfortunately, my foreskin is long gone. But if I had one and I had “quite a bit of skin” I’d just use the loose skin as my “lube.” Pull back on the skin at the start of each stroke, uncovering the head if necessary, but if you have lots of skin it won’t matter if it’s covered, and move that bunch of skin toward the head during the jelq stroke. Retraction isn’t required.

Champion advice… I was having the same problem and this will help me out, thanks.

I had that problem after taking a few months off PE, I thought shit!! Whats gone wrong? But I’ve found that doing jelqs at the rite angle helps! Instead of sitting down and leaning (or slouching) forward I stand up and keep my back straight and then jelq.


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