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Jelqing After Blowing A Load

Jelqing After Blowing A Load

I jelqed a little while after having an orgasm, not directly after…

During the jelq, the tissues in my penis felt very tender, like when you get a hand-job from a girl and she keeps jerking it even after you cum, you know that feeling, right? That oversensitive kind of ache?

I couldn’t really use the same intensity for that session, as my shaft and head felt very tender when it expanded with blood, so I had to take it easy. It was also my fifth day in a row of training, but I think it was because of my recent orgasm that my dick felt sore. I felt like it was a wasted session. I reached my pain barrier very quickly and couldn’t be too intense. I might try to jelq today again, but do you guys think I should take a day off?

Also, does anyone have an opinion on the best time to jelq? I usually do my workouts at night, sometimes pretty late. Would I be getting better gains if I did it in the morning?

I do my workouts at night and would like to know if any vets here have an opinion on this.

I would say that jelqing after cumming may well be benificial as you are already half-sore and this may help to ‘get to the gains’ faster.
__But on the same note, it may not be ‘getting to the gains’ faster and just preventing us from getting anywhere near the gains because the pain barrier is reached faster.

Just my thoughts,

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I’ve experienced the very same thing jelqing after an ejaculation…my opinion of what’s happening is….when you ejaculate/orgasm the tissues of your penis constrict (word im lookin for?) somewhat and then when you jelq after ward…you are expanding the tissues contrary to what the tissues are “expecting”. That’s most likely why you seem more sore. Is this beneficial to any gains? Anybody know?

Contract might be the word you are looking for.

Um i like to jelq after ejaculation/orgasm because i don’t get near 100% erection, but there is a problem with some release of hormones at ejaculation isn’t there?


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