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Ive made a hybrid exersise called the jelqels.

When your 60-80% erect like normal pj workout push the pj to the base(bp) and then do a kegel, wich will push blood in. Hold the kegel until you tighten thee pj on your base then slowly pull up as normal. This creates a massive increase in pressure. BE very carefull with this though. Although this can be a great workout its more stressful to our penis. DO NOT pull fast because with the extra blood you can burst a vein.

This is a pretty standard advanced jelqing technique but I would not recommend that any Newbie try it, especially with a power jelq device. You have to work your penis into a state where it is conditioned to accept high pressures and this is a gradual process. Its also probably best to avoid using a power jelq device until around 2 months into your program, so that you better understand what you are doing.

Maybe a mod should move this thread from the newbie forum to the main member forum, even though care is stressed in the original post.

this was never posted in the newbie forum but thanks for the further stressing to newbies


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