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Jelq- will this help

Jelq- will this help

While jelqing I was doing them in a straight direction(my penis stays at whatever direction im jelqing), either straight down or at whatever angle. I started to do them like with my hand at a 45 degree angle.I mean that if I was doing them straight out I would have my penis angled to a 45 degree angle at the point where my fingers slide up to the head.The “ok ” sign travels at a 45 degree angle up my penis.It goes in opposite directions with each hand.I dont know if this explanation works ,but I think that I am doing something that will help. Do yall think this helps?

Maybe, maybe not. Just depends on the “feel” of it all. If you feel like you’re getting a better workout doing this, then you can try it for a while and see where it takes you. I prefer going straight out and slightly downward because I feel the greatest pump doing it that way.

If you change the angle of your hand, on side (top or bottom) will receive more pressure than the other. Continued use of this method will probably cause curves, but not as you do because you say you althernate. Some people probably do this naturally due the the way they grip.

Take SuperStrokers advice, if you think it is having an effect try it for a few weeks and see if you like it.


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