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Jelq stick adventure! Need guidance!

Jelq stick adventure! Need guidance!

OK people I am really excited.

I have just been down to by local homebase and purchased a length of PVC plastic tube (22 mm apparantly) and (as perscribed by Thunder SS) two wooden dowels to stick through in order to make…JELQ STICKS!!!

The wooden dowels are quite a lot narrower than the PVC but I don’t think this will make much difference, as I expect the tension from pulling the sticks toward eachother with your dick in the middle keeps them from moving around too much.


I saw in another thread that one guy made is jelq sticks about 14 inches long. Is this a general recommendation from others who have tried? It seems unnessecarily long to me… but what do I know.

I would assume that lubrication would hinder jelqing with sticks as the PVC surely needs some purchase on your wanger to role effectively?

Any advice from people with jelq stick experience would be very much appreciated!!

I am really looking forward to my latest foray into the world of PE and really hope I don’t screw it up like when I attempted to make a hanging device… really wish I concentrated in CDT and woodwork class as opposed to making finger sized skateboards! ;)

Cheers peeps!

Oh shit. Just realised I should have gotten foam insulation pipe and not that thin white plastic stuff I got instead… that will probably hurt. DOH! :o

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