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Jelq session: fixed # of reps vs fixed amount of time?

Jelq session: fixed # of reps vs fixed amount of time?

Which is the better approach to jelqing: fixed # of reps like bodybuilding until it’s done or do as many reps as possible in a fixed amount of time?

I think you’d be better off with a fixed number of reps. That way you can be sure to do quality 3-4 second strokes each time.

goingforit is right, if you do fixed amount of time you can end up doing less or more than before. And the thing about PE, IMO, you have to be consistent.

Back when I first started PE and all I did was jelq, I would do a set number of reps. That is until I realized that a certain hundred count of jelqs took approximately so long to do depending on how long each rep lasted. So, say I was jelqing mostly erect, 3-5 seconds per rep, really focusing on the squeeze during the rep…it might take me 30-45 minutes to do my jelq session. Was much easier to me anyway than keeping up with how many reps I had done.

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