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jelq routine

jelq routine

Is one 30 min jelqing session better than two 15 min sessions per day? My grip tires after 15 minutes because I exhaust my grip with heavy weights regularly.

Will I get the same results if I have a two hour gap between two 15 min jelq sessions, compared to doing a single 30 min session? Who else splits up their jelqing session? What is your routine and how have the gains been.

If one session is better then I am capable of it, but I won’t do it unless I have good reason to. Such as better results.

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I like to split my jelq workouts into 2 shorter workouts. I seem to stay plump all day :)

This also gives your forearms some rest.

This is what I do and it seems to work very well for me. I jelq for a 30 minute session, however, every 5 minutes I go hands off for 20 to 30 seconds to shake out my fingers/hands and dip into my bowl of warm water. I use a KY Jelly equivalent for lube and this slicks it back up again. I find this 20-30 second break in the action is all it takes to rejuvenate both my cock and hands.

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My hands and forearms never tire from my 45 minute sessions, haha.

Guess I am lucky then, well, I would say that the two sessions a day are better than once, but obviously, the longer the time for both of them sessions the better.

Thanks, Gow.

Has anyone who’s been using an ADS made any substantial gains? And if so how long has it taken? It sounds like it could take months.

You shouldn’t post that here. This thread has nothing to do with ADS.

I have been doing the following for a while:

5:30 AM
Newbie routine—wet jelqs

8:00 PM
Newbie routine—DRY jelqs— with some extra stretching in the shower.

This way, I can utilize both dry/wet jelqs

How many jelqs do you do total throughout the day?

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