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Jelq Rash and bump creams and lotions

Jelq Rash and bump creams and lotions

Recently due to my PE sessions I have noticed several formations of scaly like bumps on my head and shaft. Has anyone tried cortisone cream or cortate cream, these are prescriptions creams for skin ailments. If so please let me know if it worked on the rough patches. Besides those two are there any other creams that have worked for other PE sufferers that can be recommended to me.

I’m am going the natural route first and am going to try a cream which can be purchased at most natural health food stores. It is called Gator Balm by African Formula manufactured in Gainesville FL. It is natures cure for rough, dry, scaly skin. I have also heard good things about EMU oil also available at most health food stores as a general deep tissue moisturizer. I believe the use of these two creams together will help prevent noticeable scars and PE stretch marks. They have already worked for reducing scar tissue on other parts of my body. I’m a firm believer of eating and using natural and organic products so why should my PE creams and ointments be any different!

Emu oil has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and is quite good for the skin. It also has dermal penetration abilities and can be used as a carrier for other substances. During my workouts I use Jojoba oil with a touch of emu. Jojoba is very similar to oils in the skin. At other times I apply a bit of emu by itself to assist any irritations and help healing. Calendula or Allantoin are also helpful to the skin and can be added to emu oil.
Emu oil isn’t cheap and you may want to find a supplier of 1 litre bottles, much less expensive.



Try Kerasal, available at Walgreens. It’s intended for the use on feet but works great with jelq rashes and those little irritating red, scaly spots.

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Just want to make sure you haven’t made the mistake I did. I was wet jelqing with a shampoo/condtioner combo mixed with water. Everything was fine for a year. Then not long ago I suddenly got a very dry sore penis. The skin wrinkled up badly. I knew it was recommended to use baby oil or vaseline , etc for wet jelqing ;but since I hadn’t had problems I hadn’t bothered to get any. It was a bit scary-I wasn’t quite sure what to think. I went and bought vaseline in a jar and after a few days everything was back to normal. I learned my lesson——I’m staying with the vaseline. I like the way it does much better than the shampoo ever did. It’s smoother, lasts longer and somehow seems to make my after jelqing hang better and longer lasting.


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