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Jelq or stretch first?

Jelq or stretch first?

To jelq first or to stretch first, that is the question. I would like to know your personal opinions on the subject. I personally stretch first and then jelq to fully expand the cells, but have heard others do the exact opposite. I used the search feature to do some preliminary research, but wasn’t pleased with the results.

Well, what do you all think?


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I like to finish with a very full and fat cock so I stretch first. If you stretch after jelq, you squeeze all of the blood out of the head, plus I am a little sensitive after a 40 minute jelq session.

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EXACTLY what gprent said, for the same reasons.

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I get the best of both worlds….I superset them.

Stretch 3-5 minutes, 15-20 strong dry jelqs, stretch again, dry jelq again, etc. But I always finish with dry jelqs, for the reasons already stated. However, I do feel that supersetting is the best bet (although, it would be impractical for wet jelqs - too much clean up time, obviously).

I would stretch first stretching is bad for circulation and jelqing is great

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I’m with you on that one.

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When I was doing both at the same time, I stretched first and then jelqed because pulling on my cock after it was engorged from jelq/girth exercises just didn’t work. Only problem with stretching first and then jelqing was weaker erections for the jelq and girth I guess. It obviously didnt affect my girth gains cause that’s what I got a lot of. Anyhow I’ve aborted all jelqing and girth exercises for a while because I wasn’t gaining for shit with length exercises while doing both at the same time. All that time wasted resulted in me having the same sized dick just with more meat. Maybe I was just doing length exercises all wrong at the time, but for whatever reason, I’m seeing small subtle increases in length that I wasn’t seeing before now that I’m exclusively doing length exercises. I might do something where I work girth one week out of a month or something like that but right now I want/need increase in length so all I will do for now is work in the length department. Hopefully when I start up girth exercises again they won’t do anything drastic to length gains..

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