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Jelq method questions

Jelq method questions


I’m just wondering if I’m doing my jelq’s right since my hands are getting so tired towards the end of the workout that I fear I might not be able to extend the workout if needed!

My method is simple, I make an OK with my right hand at the base, slide it up to the glans (taking approx 3-4 sec to complete), then I take the right hand and squeeze the base to trap blood in the shaft, then make an OK with my left hand right above it and slide it up to the glans, then alternating hands and repeating.

Basically, what I’m asking is: should I be trapping blood in the penis with one hand while jelqing with the other? I am trying to do these at approx 80% erection, but finding that after 20-30 jelq’s I have to stop jelqing and regain my erection via non-PE methods. I dont know if I’m losing my erection because I’m stopping bloodflow thru the penis or if it’s just because I dont find PE enjoyable.

Also, I want to concentrate on my length gains but still make girth gains at the same time. I understand that length should come first so I’m wondering if I jelq normally once a day and stretch normally twice a day, would that be ideal or should I try hanging and jelqing, or jelq normally once a day and stretch extensively once a day?

Thanks alot to everyone who helps, its because of all of you that I have noticed gains already and will hopefully continue to.

PS. My girlfriend says thanks, lol ;)

Some do that but generally no, you are not supposed to trap blood like that. You basically just alternate without deliberately torniqueting. What you are doing is a very intense form of advanced jelqing. Be careful.

You can work on girth first, if you want to. One effective routine is to do your jelqs/squeezes first and then do your stretches.

You have to try different stuff and see what works for you.

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