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jelq Length gains?

jelq Length gains?

Why does 70% erect jelqing give length gains and 100% erect jelqs doesn’t? I am starting to wonder if it is simply because the ligaments are pulled on more when you are less erect. Could this be the reason? I was hoping the reason was because the lower level of erection allowed the spongy chambers to stretch length ways much more than when fully erect and also that the blood was directed length ways when pushed forwards, instead of sideways when fully erect? What is the real reason why 70% erect jelqs give more length gains than 100% erect jelqs? If it was simply that the ligs were being pulled more, then it would be better to abandon 70% stuff and go for 100%ers for the girth and stretching for length. Some one set the record straight please. Someone who knows what they are talking about.

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I’ve never seen your question definitively answered, but I highly suspect it is a combination of lig stretch and blood movement, but in what percentages I can’t say with certainty, maybe 70/30ish lig/tunica…

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Well when working at a high erection percentage, chances are your tissues are going to expand, rather then stretch. For length, you want your tissues to stretch, for girth you want your tissues to expand.

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Yeah, I’m not sure of the exact physiology of the explanation, but I believe it. When I began PE, it was new to me (and stimulating) - it seemed like I was always above 85-90% erect - and quickly. I gained girth on top of girth.

As PE became more “mundane,” I was able to stay less rigid while jelqing & I realized more length gains. I tend to think that when you’re maxed out, there’s obviously less blood movement (undoubtedly) and therefore more lateral pressure (against the sides of the tunica). But when you’re more limp, the blood tends to move better, exerting more elongatory pressure against the ends of the cavernosi….in my opinion.

All I can say is that I will appreciate any gains, whether length or girth.

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When 100% erect your penis is at it maximum erect length by definition. So any attempt to jelg the penis when 100% erect isn’t going to stretch the penis much further. The hardness of your penis in this state prevents further stretching and stretching is what gives length gains. On the other hand it’s possible to gain considerable girth in the 100% erect state because the penis seems to expand width and breadth ways even in the 100% erect state via clamping or hand clamping. This is what I’ve found anyway. I don’t think this applies to ligs. Ligs in theory can be stretched in any state of erectness since they are what attaches the shaft to your pubic bone. The above more applies to the tunica.

Keep in mind though any work in the 100% erect state can be dangerous and needs a lot of conditioning before you try this.

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Of course Jelq can give girth and length!!! Jelq is the best technique ever.

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Originally Posted by Rubiro

Of course Jelq can give girth and length!!! Jelq is the best technique ever.

Word ;)

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