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Jelq Harder

Jelq Harder

Here is the deal. I replied to a thread about 2 weeks ago about jelqing too long. Well, I suggested that wallawalla1900 Should cut back a little and DLD dissagreed. Of course DLD has given me advice thats helped me So while I was jelqing the other day and I started jelqing really hard kind of frustrated because of being impatient with gains. I also shortended my strokes trying to achieve more jelqs in a shorter period of time. I Jelqed hard enough to soon tire out my arms after about a 150 and then have to stop at about every 50 to rest. I keep thinking I need to do more and if this guy just started, he has to be jelqing hard so I have to. My point is I feel like I had a better workout and my morning wood was more present. I don’t get any red spots though and I wonder why. Not that I want em but I’m thinking this is the way I should be doing this exercise and . I normally jelq slow and not that hard. Please help!


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I’d have to say that slow and hard is the best combination.

Lessens the risk of injury and increases the stimulation.

Doing anything fast is a bad idea, no matter what the intensity.

Secjay I agreed with your assessment.

I do about 6 sets of 100 jelqs throught the day and they are slow but hard.

Works better for me

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This is a subject that kind of worries me due to not being the thickest dick in the world, and the fact I don’t want to pump or hang, how do you think I’m going to go about gaining base girth, at the same if not higher ratio than mid or top shaft ?? I really don’t want a baseball bat !!


I mainly do overhand jelqing (no stretching), and I found that doing a dry-jelqing style on the base during wet-jelq workouts helps. Or you could start out with high intensity on the base, and when you move towards the head, ease up on the intensity.

Originally posted by SuperStroker
and I found that doing a dry-jelqing style on the base during wet-jelq workouts helps.

This is intresting. Could you please explain in more detail?


During wet-jelqing, your “ok” hand moves towards the glans in a smooth motion without gripping the skin because of the lubrication. During dry jelqing, the skin is gripped to work the shaft. When I do this during my wet-jelq sessions, I grab as close to the base as possible with the “ok” sign, and I get a good grip. While keeping the grip on the skin, I move the gripped skin more than an inch, come back with the same hand, and repeat.

I’ll do 10 reps with one hand and go to wet-jelqing. Then after about 45 seconds, I’ll use the other hand to do 10 reps of dry-jelqing. Then I resume wet-jelqing. Basically, I’m trying not to let my “ok” sign slide on the skin during this dry-jelq technique. By doing this, I can feel the shaft much better, and I think it’s giving me a better workout at the base.

I orginally started doing this for length (to work the ligs) since I don’t stretch. I do this overhanded, while sitting down, stroking out and downward. During wet-jelq, I use both hands. During the dry-jelq portion, I use only one hand. I do this at about a 60-80% erection level.

Thanks for the replies guys. Secay, I started to do 2 second strokes instead of 3. Formeandmywife the only good gain I had has been at the base. I had a baseball bat for a dick and started those horses440s. I went from 4.0 base girth to 5.0 within a month. Now I’m concentrating on my mid shaft girth but its been pretty stagnent.


My Jelg sessions have always been quick, very hard strokes. I also jelq upward towards my chin palm facing my body. My stoke lasts between 1 and 2 seconds.

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