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Jelq gainers come here

Jelq gainers come here

How often a week do you jelq. Is every other day better than doing it 5 days in a row and taking 2 days off because your letting your penis rest for a full day? If you’ve gained tell me how often a week you jelq.

I think I got my gains mostly from stretching. I stretch for 1 hour or more a day 5 days a week. But I do jelk approx. 20 to 30 min a day 5 days a week. ( 5on 2 off )

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I am just starting, I’ve been doing this for a monthwith good results.
I exercise 2 days on - One day off

20 min wet jelq (baby oil for lub)
5 sec kegal on every 3rd or 4th jelq
3 min warm-down (Done in the shower if time allows)

20 min hanging (I use a rubber glove, showercap style)
20 min wet jelq (baby oil for lub)
kegal during the jelq on every 5th (This alternates the side of the stretch)
5 min warm-down (Shower)

Beginning - 8/28/03
ELBP – 5.75
EG – 6.0

Current - 9/28/03
ELBP - 6.0 (+.25)
EG - 6.0

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Re: Jelq gainers come here

Originally posted by mike2002
How often a week do you jelq. Is every other day better than doing it 5 days in a row and taking 2 days off because your letting your penis rest for a full day? If you've gained tell me how often a week you jelq.

My routine was Monday, Wednesday, Friday only.
Everyday would have been too much a strain and not
allowed the tissues to recover.

I gained 1.5 inches length in 3 months with this routine.
Jelqing was all I did.


I am following a similar routine like yours as a change because I’ve been PEing for 18 month now with no results. I always had the feeling that everyday workouts are too much and lead to overtraining.

I am doing 400-500 jelqs per workout. I don’t know for sure if this is enough. So, how many reps do you do?

I’m off jelqing for a while. I found they didn’t give me the dramatic results that many members seemed to have experienced doing them, even in the beginning. I did gain something, but it was over a fucking one year period.

I did get harder erections, though.

I then modified my program. Cancelled out jelqing. Focused on stretching. Now I do stretching several times a day. Every time I finish taking a leak, plus my “real” stretching routine later on in the day. Trust me, stretching throughout the day makes a big difference. Try it.

As for girth, I was doing Horses and Ulies by hand for about two-three months. Gained some. I’ve since abandoned that and now do Extreme Ulies exclusively. What a fuckin’ difference, man!!

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I started off with jelqing for 10 minutes, then over a month moved up to 30 minute sessions with hot wraps before and after. I did this at least 5 days a week—I remember jelqing 12 days in a row, stopping for 2 days, then going at it again for 12 days, and found I had my biggest gains in length then. After a year I’d gained 1.5” in length just through jelqing—no stretches. Very fast gains at first—an inch in 3 months.

One thing I’ve found to help with both length and girth gains is to jelq slowly (3 seconds) and tilt your thumb forward so the side is flat against your penis. But pull straight out rather than down. This gets more leverage on the ligs since your thumb is pushing down. But you can get more pressure girthwise too because the thumb and index finger seem to trap more blood this way.

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