Jelq 1st or pump

Hi, been doing pe for close on 2 years on and off, mostly off to be honest. I think jelq and pump combined will work well but not sure whether to jelq 1st then pump or other way around. Has anyone got a really good routine for length, I’m currently at 6.25 length by 6 girth so want mostly length though I am happy to gain some more girth. Been doing 5 min warmup, helicopter and jp stretch, normal stretch followed by attempted dry jelq for 5 mins though I don’t think I’m doing it right, then 15min pump, 5min jelq, 15 min condom pump, 5 jelq, 12 clamp, 5 jelq, 12 clamp then 5 warm down. Can anyone give me better routine as this doesnt seem to be doing too much, hence the on/off pe. Thanks for any help