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Jelk-root grab and squeeze till you can feel the ligs with your ok?

Jelk-root grab and squeeze till you can feel the ligs with your ok?

When jelking semi-erect I get a real good grip at the base

and then try to squeeze hard enough to feel the ligs before I start moving my hand up the shaft towards the head. This can only be done at 40-50% erect or the penis is too engorged to squeeze to the ligs.

I am trying to grab the inside structures and pull them as opposed to just squeezing the blood up the chamber. Most of the time if I follow jelking with my manual stretches the ligs feel really

worked and pulled even more than usual. Just starting this method , anyone else tried this ?


Give your crank a yank and a spank

every now and then and watch what happens

thats how i jelq. I hold at base, squeeze, and hold for about 3 seconds then continue the jelq. i never really noticed the incredible lig stretch until about 3 months ago though.

Add a kegal

Try to hold a 10 sec kegal when you reach the corona while using that method and pull outward slightly. It is a good stretch and pump. You can definitely feel a good lig stretch and see the veins in your penis engorge with even more blood than with regular jelqing. I sometimes do it once every 10 jelqs.


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