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JAI Stretch Question

JAI Stretch Question

Hi - For the past 4 - 6 weeks, I switched from the 30 - 60 second stretch and hold routine (15 minute set, then 15 minute Jelq set) that I had been doing since Oct ‘05, to a 2 second stretch and relax JAI routine (15 minute set), followed by my usual 15 minute Jelq session.

It seems like I’ve plateaued at about 7” BP FL - and that’s really stretched out. So … I’m back to the 60 second stretch and hold routine, with the stretch being about as hard as I can do it, both downward towards the floor and upwards towards the ceiling. This feels better to me and I hope it will help me get back on track with continued gains.

Any thoughts or advice? Thanks. MC

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got."

You are doing a 15 minutes set of JAI stretches? That is really overdoing them, 4x15 JAI stretches should be enough, with about 1 minute intervals.

Can anyone report significant results with the JAI stretches ? Or give any other recommendations ? I am doing tough stretches now for almost one year (30 - 40 min. Routines, 4-5 times/week) mostly downwards and front, also sides), with little results - I have gained some flaccid length (ca. 0,8 inches), but little erected length (max 0,2 inches). So I am asking myself if I do something wrong or if I do not have more potential (having at least a 9 lot) for length gains.
Has anybody an idea:
If JAI stretches are effective ?
What I could change for better results?


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