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JAI Stretch followed by extender...LOT?

JAI Stretch followed by extender...LOT?

I’m thinking of doing my routine this way.

JAI stretches:
Up, down, left, right, DL, DR, UL, UR. about 20 reps each of 3 second pulls followed by 3-5 seconds of rest. Then I’ll put the extender on for an hour afterwards, maybe 2hrs at a light stretch to keep everything extended.

I tried searching for LOT but what is it? can someone give me a quick explanation? I know it has something to do w/ the feeling of your ligs when you kegel at different angle’s, but what is high LOT and low LOT?

I’m just getting very frustrated as I haven’t gained length in about 5-6 mo. I gave in and measured and sure enough I’m still 7-3/8” FSBP:( I don’t really follow a routine per say, but I do different stretches about 5 time’s a week.

well that is your problem then. You need to develop a consistent routine work it for awhile and if things do not happen say for three months or so then you need to switch it up.

I use a somewhat similar routine. In just over 4 weeks since I have started my routine (on 3/22), I have gained 3/8 in. flacid length, 5/16 in. erect length, and 1/4 in. girth (erect and flacid), as well as 9/16 in. stetched flacid length. Maybe the PE experts here might say this routine is excessive, but I’ve been amazed at the way my member has responded to this.

Previously I had done routines of 20-30 min stretching and 20-30 min jelquing 7 days a week, for almost 4 months, and saw no gains. This was from last Oct-Jan, when I gave up because I didn’t think PE would work for me.

My routine:

Every day:

Hot Towel for 10 min
25 normal kegals, 25 reverse kegels (2-3 seconds)
50 DLD blasters (5 second hold each way)
(6) 30 min. stretches, maximum stretch that I can get
Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday I do around 300 jelqs or so.
I don’t use a hot wrap after the routine.

The trick is, at the begining of each stretch cycle, I do 25 of a kind of a blaster, with the extender on. Basically, I strap my into the device, and use a 1/4 in. dowel piece between my penis and the rods of the device to make a kind of an “A” frame soft of thingy, screw the rods out as far as I can, then do 25 blasters just like a normal DLD blaster. Sort of a Penimaster Blaster or something. After doing these, I remove the dowel and screw the rods out all the way for the remainder of the 30 min stretch.

I guess this would not be doable by everyone, but I live alone, and I’m willing to spend this much time with for as long as I have to, especially if I keep getting these gains.

Sorry for the long post, hope this is helpful! :D

Sounds good! I think the key to gains is post routine stretch…I.E. penimaster. Probably for the next 4-6 hours after the routine. I’m gonna try these JAI follwed by PM for a month or 2 and then if nothing I’ll try something new. I like that dowel Idea I had an idea like that but was gonna use a pencil. The penimaster is great for doing PC excercise’s. I feel like I target the PC muscle better when doing kegel’s with the PM, the tension is the key.

I agree about the kegels, I really feel them alot more for some reason with the Penimaster on.

I think that the post routine stretch is only half though, my idea with this routine was basically to fatigue the ligs as the start of each extended stretch, at the same time engorging it with blood for the rest of the stretch time. If I don’t do the blasters at the begining of the stretches, about 10-15 minutes in the blood drains out and it gets really thin, and it just doesn’t feel like the stretch is nearly as effective as when it stays engorged with blood.

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