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I've left one club

I've left one club

and have joined another. Cya later 5 inch club, hello 6 inchers! Just took a measurement, and it’s finally clear that I’ve hit the 6 inch milestone, you guys have no idea how happy this makes me. And, it’s all thanks to you guys and especially the forum. 6 inches and a little bit more over! Hoo-ah! And thunders, you’ll be getting a donation pretty soon from a VERY happy PE’er.

Thanks, gonna keep workin on my tool and giving you guys the good news =D

[March 2015] 5.5" BPEL 4.5" EG

[January 2016] 6.25" BPEL 4.75" EG

[Goal] 7.5" BPEL 5.25" EG

Congratulations! I’m hoping to get the magic 6 someday too. How did you get your gains? Was it the newbie routine or something else? And how long did it take to get there?

Congrats! Good news like that helps everyone!

I’ve been doing 5 days on, two days off on the weekend for my routine. It consists of minor stretching and massaging of the ligs at work on my breaks, usually for a grand total of 20-ish minutes, sometimes more, sometimes less. Then I work out, shower, and do my jelq routine. It was 10-15 minutes of stretching (no warm up), depending on how good I felt the stretches were. Then I’d do dry jelqs, right now I’m up to 205, I’ll usually go up by 5 or 10 each session, I started at 70 at the beginning of my routine, which was a month and a week ago. Then I do more stretches, upwards usually, and then that’s it. I’m thinking about adding a 5 minute massage warm up/cool down phase at the beginning and ending of my session since I don’t have access to heat, and I feel that it helps loosen up the penis more when I do it.

[March 2015] 5.5" BPEL 4.5" EG

[January 2016] 6.25" BPEL 4.75" EG

[Goal] 7.5" BPEL 5.25" EG

Me too! I know it is wrong to think so, but because I am now a “6-incher” instead of a 5, I feel like I am hung like a horse! Next stop 7!


Start: May 12, 2007 BPEL: 5.551" EG: 4.646" FL: 3.051" FG: 3.858" Please Fill Out My Survey: Click Me!

Now: July 13, 2007 BPEL: 6.250" EG: 5.500" FL: 3.346" FG: 4.488"

Goal: BPEL: 7.000" EG: 6.000" FL: 5.000" FG: 4.750"

Congratulations on your gains, I’m very happy for you!

Nice. Good for you Bumstubs.

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Congrats..Here’s to more success!

Six,then seven,then eight.

Whats next?


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