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I've just experienced every man nightmare! Please help me

I've just experienced every man nightmare! Please help me

The worst thing happened to me tonight that has really taken a big chunk from my self confidence. My girlfriend of 6 months and I were talking about sex and the topic of penis size came up. I made the stupid mistake of inquiring about what she thought of my size. She said it was ‘perfect’ and that I was bigger than most of the other guys she had been with. Oh, I should have left well enough alone, but I couldn’t. What did she mean by ‘most’. She eventually revealed that her last boyfriend had a huge dick, even though she said she didn’t enjoy it.

Yes, I should have stopped there, but I didn’t. I had to ask how much bigger it was. The answer? She said it was about an inch to an inch and a half longer, and it was so thick that she could harder get her hands around it. Like I said, it was every man’s nightmare.

My natural inclination is that she is just trying to make me feel better by saying I’m perfect-sized and bigger than most. Furthermore I have a feeling she actually did enjoy the bigger guy.

The best thing about this forum, is that it is a place that gives us all positive feedback and encouragement about something most of us are self-conscious about: the size of our penises. Let’s be honest, if you weren’t at some point self-consious about it, you wouldn’t be a member here.

I am average sized, 6 nbp/6.5 bp x 5 eg. I have become more and more comfortable with my size since joining this forum, even though my results have been less than great. I could use some encouraging words from some vets right about now.

Has this happened to anybody else? I am freaking out and I need some advice on what to tell myself to get over this.

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Yes, it seems that I am cursed with this. Every GF I’ve had seems to have had an ex with a huge one.

It sucks. But I’ve found Thunder’s and I’ve found PE so hopefully with a little luck and a lot of pulling on my dick I\’ll be the ex with the big, fat, “it hurt when we had sex,” monster cock and the world will be a better place.

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All I can say is this.
Never ask about ex lovers.
Not only about penis size.
In general it is not a good argument
between you and your woman…
The past is gone. Who cares?
Now there is only you. And her.

But, anyway.
You see on the forum that
we are all growing!
And for you will be the same.
Read, read and do the exercises.
Be careful, dont hurt yourself.
It needs time.

You will be surprised one day.


Yes, Skeptic…just give it time.

The first and only girl I’ve ever been with told me my penis was small. It hurts, oh yes, and it feels like one of the worst feelings in the world now but just give it a few months.

For about a month after it, all I could think about was how much bigger other guys’ penis are than mine.(I’m rockin’ a 6x5 just like you, bro)

Trust me, it will pass. Give it time, and do anything ANYTHING to get your mind off it. Build model ships or something, just get your mind off it. Anyways, we’re all here for you so if you’ve gotta let it out then do it here.

Good luck.


Hi Skeptic,

STOP thinking bullsh*t (excuse me…). You are big, I mean bigger then a lot of guys (she self said that to you).

It is unhealthy to think you should the biggest boy in the country. Of course it will always be one that are bigger than you. The sooner you admit this fact the better. As it is nothing bad about.

We are all made in different sizes, and we are unique. There are no one like you in this world, thats makes you a very special person, and you should appreciate it.

LOVE, CARE and ACCEPT yourself as you are and everybody will feel the same for you.

Do not be your enemy. Worst should come from other people, not from yourself…


Unfortunately every girl has handled a monster.

A girl told you that you were small at 6(BP)x5?

Why do you think she’s lying when she says that she didn’t enjoy her ex b/f:s’ size?

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

Because most women like big dicks and telling him she enjoyed the monster cock would devastate him, and she knows it.

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7-15-2018: 7.75" x 5.25"

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Originally posted by bunbuster
Because most women like big dicks and telling him she enjoyed the monster cock would devastate him, and she knows it.

Some women like it, some women don’t.

I’m curious to know why they broke up actually. If she broke up with him, then who cares what size dick he had, he wasn’t Mr Right. Furthermore, if she broke up with him, she possibly did find sex painful.

I broke up with my woman a few years back. We ended up getting back together about 8 months after that and we’ve been great ever since.

Aaaanyway, I knew during that time she had a boyfriend, in fact I met him once and he was good looking. That was bad enough. But when we got back together, stupid me ended up asking her how big he was, and she said ‘about your length but alot fatter’. My stomach sunk. All is good now, I’ve gotten over it. But nonetheless, here I am at Thunders…

Hey TheSkeptic,

I had alot of women tell me that i was smaller than their boyfriend, but that never stopped me. I just tell them that there vagina is looser than the last girl that i had or that they don’t work it like my last girlfriend. Whatever the case maybe never let a woman steal your pride that about all we have until we reach our goal in PE.

One thing that i notice about all women that i have encountered, is that if you make them feel like they mean everything to you, size will not matter.

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I believe that 6.5 x 5 is at the least the very upper limits of what could be considered average. Nothing to be ashamed of there, bro!

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Yeah, asking about former lovers’ size is akin to the sirens pulling your ship into a rocky shoreline. The temptation is very great. I’m not sure why. Then, once you know about a bigger ex-lover, it’s very hard to believe that your gf prefers you. It could potentially ruin a relationship I’m sure. I’ve been with a great girl for about a year now and had danced around this issue from time to time with my morbid curiosity. She would say things like “you’ve got nothing to worry about” and “you feel perfect”, etc. This penis anxiety thing (in me) was new to her because most other guys didn’t ask about it. They probably were concerned but chose not to “go there”. Anyway, she finally let slip amid a spattering of very complimentary comments about me that “only one was bigger, but he was quick and selfish”. Even though she offered no positive reaction about him sexually, it was a crushing blow to me. It was a guy from 15 years ago, and I’m thinking “god, how much bigger was he if she remembers him as bigger from that long ago?”. I didn’t torture myself (yet) by pressing her for how much bigger he was. For me this area is painful, but somehow a turnon as well. She is incredibly sexy and great in bed and imagining her achieving multiple vaginal orgasms with this bigger tool makes me crazy and horny.

HOWEVER, she told me that she has never had a vaginal orgasm. I believe she is being truthful about this because she contends that they do not exist. So the comments that we hear about big cock = vaginal orgasms is a myth, at least for some women. She had a big cock, and didn’t have spontaneous vaginal orgasms, rarely orgasmed at all with other men, in fact and only clitoral. That said, I believe that there is a significant mental component to orgasms. If a particular woman is into big cocks, I suppose that she could be in a better mental state to achieve a more intense orgasm. But a woman who is into lean, latin-looking men, probably is in a better mental state to achieve a more intense orgasm with a man like that, irrespective of penis size.

I believe that many of the stories you hear about on this forum about women being hypnotized by big cocks are true. I also believe that it’s not your everyday life girl that they are dealing with. A lot of those stories are about pickups in bars that are one-might stands. I think that in this day and age, it is a minority of women who engage in those. It’s a minority who would notice a bulge and act on it with sex. There is probably a correlation between women who engage in one-might stands and women who are obsessed with penis size. There’s much more to this topic, I know. The rumor mill about cock size I suppose exists in some singles-dominated sectors of society, and could influence who a woman chooses to date. But I’m not in one of those sectors. I could never do the bar scene well. I met my GF on the internet on (worked great for me), and “Penis Size” was not a variable I had to fill out in my profile :-)

She also says that sex with me is incomparable to any sex she has ever had. We talk a lot, we carress, we turn each other on, we screw like desperate wild animals. Our relationship is great too, which for a woman (and for some men, myself included) makes a big difference in how open your sexual relationship can be.

All of the above said. I’m a PE member for ME. My cock being bigger is a turnon to ME. I have talked openly about PE with her and she said if you want to do it for YOU go ahead, but don’t do it for me because you blow me away the way you are. Love is the component that makes this anxiety less important. I still feel this need to ask more details about her former lovers, especially “big john”, even though I know the wisdom of not asking about it.

Anyway, I suppose “DON’T ASK” is the best advice I’ve heard. It would have been easier that way. However, for me I would have asked eventually… can’t resist those sirens.

Just curious, why do guys get so upset about this? My husband has dated women much prettier, much wilder, much smarter, more ambitious and so on and so forth, than I am. I can’t help being who I am at the time I am me. I can eventually change, but I don’t fret if he wants bigger or smaller breast, or bigger or smaller ass, or smarter or richer mate. I can’t do anything about that because this is who I am. I shouldn't have to be anything more or less than me.

I know I don’t have a penis, but being a woman is just as hard. Maybe that is why sometimes when women mention certain things they don’t think twice about it because they assume if would not start an argument or hurt the other person’s feelings. No matter what you do, you can’t change she may have had better. Six months, if she wasn’t satisfied, she wouldn’t be there. I assume. So why fret over her past. Why look way behind even yourself to look for something to worry about. Isn’t the day to day and future events enough?

I just hope down the line you guys that inquire your girlfriend’s past that you are going into the past of her life. There may very well be things you may not want to know. And when you find out, accept it and move on. Doesn’t make you less of a person or less of a man if the man before you did this or that or had this or that. Just my opinion and I mean no harm in stating it.

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Unfortunately every girl has handled a monster.

Not true. My girlfriend now, who is also my best friend. Has been with 2 other guys. One of which is average length and average girth. Although he had a pretty large head she said. And then the other guy was average length and very very thin. She said it was so thin it almost looked deformed. I am thinking in the 3.5-4” around range.


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