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I've hit a brick wall! My first plateau I need advice.


I've hit a brick wall! My first plateau I need advice.

I’ve gained .8 inches in 6 months but this month i haven’t gained any length at all. I’ve been doing a manual stretching routine, with mostly v stretches and bundle stretches. Each session I would get this amazing stretching feeling in my dick, and my FSL would grow nearly .5 inches by the end of a session. This is all gone. I think my penis has become more tough, I’m pulling harder then ever and not feeling like i’m getting a strech. Also my post workout FSL is pretty shitty.

Should I have longer sessions? start having sessions more frequently? Completely scrap my routine? Start hanging?

I’m pretty bummed out. Getting stuck at 5.8 inches is a buzz kill.

Gains are not continuous or linear!

Do not try to bully your penis into growing but adding more time/exercises to the mix.

Start over with a lighter routine, add more rest days, and work your way back up.

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Sounds like it might be the end of fast newbie gains. You’ll still gain, but sometimes a month or two will go by where it seems like nothing is happening, and then you will measure a gain. Just keep the marathon mindset.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Just keep at it. I also hit a “plateau” at six months, only to measure more gains three months later.

I’m on a decon break and gained erect girth.

I noticed while jelqing that my base girth was considerably fatter than before and measured nearly 6 3/4” which is over 1/2” more than a month ago when I stopped.

We can’t always expect to gain. Sometimes we have to just rest.

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Going for the magic 8"x6"

Is there a guide for breaking through plateaus? Is there anything to support this deloading process that thegreatdivider is mentioning? I’m torn between slowing down and taking a break, or picking up the pace and going even harder.

How long does it generally take to hit a plateau from a single routine, and does it happen to everyone?

Artesuave You know that people say, less is more. So try 2 weeks or so doing PE with some less pulling. Maybe your unit need few days off before growth kick in.

Originally Posted by artesuave

Is there a guide for breaking through plateaus? Is there anything to support this deloading process that thegreatdivider is mentioning? I’m torn between slowing down and taking a break, or picking up the pace and going even harder.

Read my thread in my signature. I found that 6 weeks on and 2 weeks off gave me rapid gains, but we are all different.

In my opinion, I feel that you should take small breaks to let your penis heal and when you start PEing you have a freshly

healed penis to start working out. It worked for me.

Keep a few things in mind.

The newbie gains period eventually ends for almost everyone. There a few lucky guys that get continuous gains, but the rest of us have plateaus.

A plateau is not a brick wall. A month or two or three could go by where it seems like no growth is happening, and then you could gain for several weeks in a row before the next plateau.

A plateau is not necessarily because of your training. It could just be from time. I.e. your current routine will still work but with periods where it seems like nothing is happening. Or you could try other techniques and they might not seem like they’re working either. Then after a couple months you suddenly gain - sometimes I think it didn’t really matter what I was doing, it was just a matter of time. On the other hand, it could be from training. Everybody needs to go through experimentation to find out what works for them. Could be that you need a break, could be that you need to train harder, could be that you need to find new methods. Experiment and find out what works.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

As of now I’m gonna take some time off, which shouldn’t be too hard since it’s almost finals week. Once finals are over i’ll have plenty of time to get back in the game and trouble shoot my routine. I have this crazy feeling I’m gonna lose EL by taking a break. I wonder if it’s gonna happen.

Artesuave- Just change up your routine. I haven’t done my exercises for like a month and I have not lost length or girth. Don’t stress it now. Finals should be your priority.

I would take a week off, but balloon and edge on alternate days. It would still be a routine, but less intense.

Artesuave, Take a deconditioning break for about a month or two don’t sweat the loss of gains that you have achieved, some people lose a little during a break and some don’t. Restart your routine after your prick has had a chance to loosen up but during that break keep coming back here to read up on other routines to see if there is something else you want to try. If you do stitch up the routine give it no less than 6 months before checking for progress. Coming back to this site encourages me to keep going and test new things. It’s great to have a place where you can vent about things that are off limits for discussion in public.

You have to realize plateaus happen all the time; in fact, everyone involved in PE has experienced many many many more plateaus than gains. You can go a year without a gain, and this assumes a good regiment of exercises during that 12 month period. Taking time off is not the answer, but this is what a lot people do and these people gain little. PE is not about taking prolonged breaks. It is about improving the erectile system and this is a slow process since your dealing with physiology that does not manipulate easily. So, get use to it, and than like a thief in the night your big.

I guess its natural to become frustrated and lose patience with whatever it is your doing. I always enjoyed the process of PE, I love hanging. There is a relaxation and therapy that is beneficial to the mind and body, you have to like the process or you will just throw it in. I suppose this happens to 80% of the people or maybe there is a large segment that either cannot gain, or are just doing the wrong exercises, so they dump it. In my experience, once I saw dramatic gains I was hooked. I could not believe it could be that easy but people have difficulty staying a course. The idea is to get better at what you are doing.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

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