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It's possible to hurt the PC muscle

It's possible to hurt the PC muscle

Guys I do a lot of kegels everyday, there’s no day off for me, I sometimes pass all the time free I have in the work, shaping my PC muscle, it happens that today I will exercise like I do everyday, but when I squeeze my PC it cause me pain a bit, today I will take a brake, any tips?

If you do pushups all the time you will get sore muscles.

regards, mgus

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There is no reason to do any PE technique to the point of causing pain. I don’t know exactly what is happening with your PC flexes to cause that, but pain is your body telling you to back off.

Perhaps you are getting too many extra muscle involved when you flex your PC. You should be able to isolate just the PC muscle without flexing your buttocks or abs.

You can overdue it maybe you should take some time off and than do less

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It’s a muscle after all. You can’t work your biceps all day long either, now can you?

Also, I don’t think all the extra time spent kegeling is really useful/beneficial.

Gprent, I am pretty sure that the pain I feel is on PC, because I never felt that pain!
Yesterday I take the day off, today my PC is better, I will do half off my day routine.

Guys another thing I want to know if this happens to you too, I do kegel everyday as a say before, but when I stay on day off, on the other day I feel my PC very weak, It’s strange, I must do everyday or on the other day I have really difficulty time doing the exercises due to my PC weakness.

Ditto what the other guys are telling you.

Figure out what is, for you, a completely comfortable number of Kegel squeezes each day. Stop at that. Next day, add five more. Soon you’ll be up to hundreds with no discomfort.



Guys I am really having a hard time to sustain erections during Jelq, this can be the cause of ovetraining BC??

And the most funny part, It’s then I am going to JAIstretch I can let him 100% flaccid, hahahhaha, PE is fucking Hard.

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