Thanks Jelqist. SuperSizeMe, here is normal routine: First, a good warmup with the nexcare gel-pack as described above, then with about a 70% erection I go in the tube and create the vacuum. In my chair I sit close to the edge for the most part, as to allow the tube/weights to hang straight down. As far as attaching the weights, remember I am using the Olympic style plate (this has the large hole in the middle) I just slide the plate down the tube until the lip of the tube’s endcap stops it. It works and fits perfectly. The most weight that I have been able to hang with is 20lbs for two twenty minute sets. Normally though, I like to hang with 15lbs. This gives me a good stretch and a great pump. The whole thing has fallen off only about 4 times during this time period and all that happened was it just scared the shit out of me (sudden, abrupt noise). This has happened I figure because I did not prepare myself properlyby doing the warm-up and using a good lube like baby oil for the seal. I hope this answers your questions. If anyone wants to know more, I will be glad to help.