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It's "Glans" Not "Gland" or "Glands"

It's "Glans" Not "Gland" or "Glands"

The correct name for the head of your dick is “glans,” which is short (no pun intended) for “glans penis.”

Unless you are referring to the prostate (not prostrate) gland. But that a whole ‘nother “ball of wax” (unless you have fallen face down while jelqing).

A few guys on here insist on calling the glans by the wrong name. I have even seen it used incorrectly in user account names (handles).

Please stop doing this, or ignore me, whichever occurs to you first.

Here’s a link you may enjoy. Or not.

Thanks for your time,

-damfino (badge-carrying grammar policeman)


It just seems to me that if you’re holding it in your hand, you outta know what it’s called.


My glands are feeling a bit soar… … . The glands in my neck!!

Yeah sure Glans is cool in fact I don’t think I have ever typed the word.

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You know what term I like even better ?

Panis !

That is the roll of fat that hangs down from the waist line of obese people .

You know, like the one on that morbidly obese woman riding around the super market in the electric scooter ?

Dead sexy !

I think this has been covered. It won’t help.

" 'Cute'?! Like its got a smiley face on the end of it! I dont want a cute dick. I want a big scary dick! One that comes out growling, RAAAR!!!! A dick with teeth, RAR RAR RAR!!!! What happened? My dick bit me look at that!" - Rodney Carrington -

I thought something like this, instead of my bitching every time someone posts using the wrong term, would be a little more gentle. (I am not feeling very gentle in my heart, however).

I’d like to think it might help a bit.

Maybe if I bump the thread every day?

I’ll go quietly.


Just a curious case of analog words in english and portuguese.

Glans in portuguese is glande, and gland is glandula.

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I’ll add a :thumbs:

Jhabbah, confusion is understandable for people whose primary language isn’t English. I think the original post was aimed mostly at native English speakers.

Everyone should make an effort to use the correct word. Doing a search, here or elsewhere online, for “glands” won’t turn up the info you’re seeking if you really mean “glans.”

I am german.

I read gland so often that I started to believe that this is it in english (it’s Glans in german).

I remember that hobby corrected my incorrect english (thank you).

Later - ttt


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