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Hey all, anybody experience extreme itching in the penis after starting PE?


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I chalked it up to the healing process. Figured if it was itching, I was growing. I like to figure that anything is related to growing!

I use some Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion after my workouts and some Gold Bond powder for relief. It totally works.

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Where does it itch, guys can get a yeast infection from a chick.

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I posted this same question about a month(?) ago. The itching is still there, but not in all the same places. The itching was on the top and underside of my penis and around the backside of the head where the head and shaft meet. Now the itching is on the underside on the circ scar and down the length(underside still) of my penis. I believe the itching is from growth and from extra skin that is holding moisture while all bunched up in my pants, but mostly from growth. My wife told me tonight it felt like the corners of her mouth were tearing and her jaws were tired. I’ve been 4.5” girth erect for a long time and have recently jumped to 4.75” and while the swelling is still up which is most of the time now I’m sure it’s 5” EG. Something new for her.:) The itching started exactly when I started making gains and has continued to itch and I’m sure gains are still coming. Hell of a thing to have a big itchy dick.:) Oh. Almost forgot. The itching around my head stopped when I stopped using latex gloves for manual stretching.


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I wondered if I was allergic to the baby oil, but if you guys get it too, then I feel much better, Its just unbearable itching, lol.

But I am making gains after only a month, roughly, I lost count how long I have been doing this, maybe a lot more or less, maybe thunder can tell me how long I have been a member, is that possible?

Time is valuable and so is a suitable penis, so use it wisely (your penis that is.)

I used to get it when I got my first gains. From my experience it is more associated with girth gains. Makes sense to me ;)

If it don’t go away throw some jock itch stuff on it in case you have an infection. They sell it in the stores. I was with a chick that had a yeast infection and I got an itchy dick so I used the jock itch stuff and it was gone in 2 days

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I noticed itching, too, and it started at the time I began to gain in girth. It was all at the base and the underside of the shaft. Consequently, I noticed while PJing that the underside ridge was really expanding. Like a lot of healing that occurs with the skin, I would like to think … I WILL think … that the itching was a positive sign of something going on down there from all the work I’ve been doing.


If you’re jelqing and/or squeezing, the stretching of the skin can create an itching sensation on the skin.


*Yearns for itching sensation* :D


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