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itching and redness


itching and redness

I’ve been PE’ing for about a week now and I have began noticing that around the base I am itchy.I just want to scratch.. Is this from stretches? also my head is sort of sore to the touch and a little red.. It is like it is raw. Does this happen to yall?

hot wrap.
20-30 stretches and v-stretches
50 jelqes
and some squeezing and panning.. just a little.

Hi oneday!

How are you jelquing? Dry or wet? The itchy feeling probably is caused by the jelquing.

How long has the head been sore? A couple of hours after exercise? Some days? If it’s a couple of hours after exercise it’s normal, specially because of the stretches and V-stretches that put a lot of pressure on the head.

Just take it easy and don’t overdo things and don’t get carried away. Remember, all your gains happen when you’re resting.



I usually do my routinein the morning with vasaline (sometimes dry). then do bathroom breaks (usually a couple stretches and a few dry jelqes). and I try to stretch all day long when possible.
at night I’ll do the routine again but less duration.

head’s been sore for a couple days. it is just the skin that is sore. same with the itchyness.

oneday, if it’s the skin that’s sore there’s no problem. It’s from all the stretching. The itchiness is definately caused by the jelquing. Do you have any shaft hairs? I ask this because when I jelqued I would get that same itchiness because I had some shaft hairs and when I jelqued (dry or wet) it would start some friction on that place, and that’s what cause the burning and itchiness. Also, when you finish wet jelquing be sure to clean very well the vaseline, because I remember that this also happened to me when I let the baby lotion on my dick thinking it would help in the healing, and the only thing it did was give me terrible itchiness :)

Hope this helps.



yes i have those bothersome hairs half way up my shaft. it isn’t jungle like it is light coverage but they are definitely there. I used to shave them but quit when i first got together with my wife. I was afraid she would get lip abbrassion from the stubbles. how do yall cure this?


Not saying that Vasline is the cause of your irritation,
but it isn’t that great for (sensitive) penis skin.


howabout baby lotion or vit E lotion. I just figured it would be better than stuff with fragrences in them.

well i decided to shave my johnson today before my routine. hopefully this will cut out the itchyness. I think the redness is from either my rough hands or from the substances i use for lube. like the vasaline and the soap when I’m in the shower.. I’ll cut those out…

I have another question. is it bad to go without a rest day? I was thining of doing my routine with a two week on one day off. for the first two months then to a one week on one day off. good idea or not.. oh, the day off will still get light stretching.
by the way I’m now less than twenty four hrs from being one week… ;)

oneday, when I wet jelqued I used baby lotion, and it worked well for me, so you might want to give it a try. The soap in the shower will always produce itching. That’s why it’s advised to never jelq using soap.

As for the day off question, I won’t advise you to do it like you plan it. But this is my opinion and other members might have a different one. In my experience I could only stand a maximum of 5 days of PE without rest in between. More than that and it would be counterproductive. But you should try it for your self. Try a routine with one day off, if it’s not working or you feel that your penis is tired after 3-4 days, change your schedule. This is something you’ll have to do yourself, but my advice is to have at least one rest day per week.



i’ve gone 6 days straight and this morning (day 7) my dick feels worn out. So its break day. just going to do light [ulls on it to keep it from healing in the 2inch positon, and let it heal in the 3.5-4 inch… hope that will help my ‘little’ flacid problem

I was having the same problem near the base of my penis, it seemed to be more like a spot that itched, but I to was using vasiline. I had to take a week off due to the irritation. What advice would you give to prevent anymore problems, what kind of lube, should I clean it off afterward-remember that I will be applying it maybe twice a day. When I jelq, I try to get as close to the body as possible, I do hit the hairs near base, theres alot of them because my skin is already being stretched toward the head. Should I be avoiding hitting the hairs. I shaved a while back and thought that this was the cause of my problem.

mine is still irritated and all the skin on my dick is flaky..

Hey oneday,
What are you using for lube now? I think you are going to have to take some time off and let your dick recover. Try this, no exercises, no moisterizing creams or lotions, warm wraps (not hot wraps) and get yourself some Vitamin E gelcaps. After you get out of the shower and your dick is clean, break one of the gelcaps open and apply the Vitamin E oil from the gelcap. Massage it in lightly and then leave your dick alone until the next time you take a shower.

When you start back to exercising, try Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel. Find the kind with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera in it if you can. After you are finished with your routine, shower it off, and do the gelcap thing again.

Both of you guys may want to look into water-based lubes also. The kind that clean up real easily.

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I haven’t been using any lubes.. All dry jelps…

what I fdo is get it about 70% hard and then put it between my index and my middle finger then with other hand I squeeze fingers together and then go from about an inch from the base to the head. when I do this the skin slides back and forth so there is no friction between my fingers and the skin of my member.. make sense? I also do it in the showere keeping a constant flow of water on it while jelqing. (no soap though).

I also do my stretches.. My routine (which I started on 01/31/02) has slowed down alot this week compared to last week. I’m not getting sore on the inside at all…

Do the stuff I posted above. Doing exercises in water may be the cause of your problem, it is drying your skin out by rinsing away the natural moisture. Take the time off and get your dick back to normal before you start up again. Also the Vitamin E thing is good for your skin, whether it is damaged or not.

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