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itching and redness


Hey thunder, my problem started when I started doing the Uli # 3 I suppose. I think it has alot to do with the very high intensity that I used going around the base(hairy area). I used to do my workout in the shower, but I havent done that in a while. I took some time off and everything seems to be clearing up. My skin got a little flaky after I quite applying everything. I am going to use first aid gel and start up again soon. My gains seem to be relatively maintained. I have been using vasaline, is this bad for the skin.

oneaday, Is there any possibility that your problems could be an STD. Have you been sexually active. I first thought I may have something, then I ruled that out. What do you think?


Some guys can not use Vasoline with out it causing side effects, others it doesn’t seem to bother at all. You just have to find out what works best for you through experimentation. If you do continue to use the vasoline, clean it all off after your workout by taking a shower. I don’t think the stuff is made for continuous application as it can clog up pores with repeated use.

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yeah I’m sexually active (with my wife).. It isn’t STD’s I can guarantee that.. I have always had the ‘need’ to ejaculate since I was about 12 or so.. I have always masterbated. When I would get into those marathon masterbation frenzies where I would do it like 8 times a day this would occur.. I know it is just from the friction due to these past experiences… Wht STD were you thinking it could be? I don’t know of one that owould make the head of your dick flake up like it is growing new skin..


oneday (I’ll be an 8’er)

I was thinking it could be herpes, it has very varied symptoms. It is very common so it seems. Itching and redness is one of the symptoms. Because It is so hard to test, I have come to conclude that if there is a blister on my dick, then I have it, if there isnt, then I dont.

On itching....

When I was hanging…I frequently got itchyness at the base because of skin stretching. I now get itchyness from doing squeezes/ulis again, its from the skin stretching. I get it throughout the penis although mostly on the sides. No dry skin just some mild itchyness from skin stretch. I also get a dull, hard to describe fatigued feeling. Every once in a while after a day or two off, and I do my first workout on my next on day, it feels like my penis is really stretching apart on the insides.

I just wanted everyone to know that I’m fully healed. Thanks for the advise on the Baby oil and Vit E oil. I’ve benn back at it for a week now and things are looking good. I am now mainly doing stretches, jelqes and squeezes.

I am keeping a log at peforum if anyone is curious as how it is going to go. I am going to do my one month update on March 1st.


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