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It seems to be so thin!

It seems to be so thin!

Ok - now I’m scared! I’m trying som kind of “ADS-wrapping” for the first time. It’s very good to see the lenght “freeze”. But the wrap makes my cock so thin! Hahaha! I hope it does not stay this way when I take this wrap off…

Never ever a turtle again...

You are using elastic sports wrap of some type? Don’t wrap too tight especially around the base - it is easy to end the last turns harder than the start, and then it starts hurting after a while. Also, check for coldness after 30 minutes until you start learning how hard to wrap. But are you sure you didn’t wrap to hard? Only wrap hard enough to keep at extended 70-80% of fullblown FSL, otherwise you’ll hurt blood flow. You want to be able to kegel and feel your glans expand.

Unfortunately, it will be thin and long after you take of the wrap, but then it kind of plumps back out again.

regards, mgus

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Langemann,Iexperience the same thing.My johnny looks awesome while it’s traction wrapped,but as soon it comes off it looks pathetic and sad.Like charlie browns christmas tree.Any way it plumps up after a half hour or so,or you can do a light jelq and pump it up.I’m thrilled that I’m getting my wrap down good finally.I wore atraction wrap for six hours yesterday with no discomfort whatsoever.I’m in the construction biz so any all day stretcher,hanger is out of the question.Especially since my golf weights all rolled out the leg of my shorts the other day.Thank goodness nobody saw.

Originally Posted by 8 is enough
since my golf weights all rolled out the leg of my shorts the other day.

I can only imagine you trying to explain that to your friends/boss. LOL

Well - it was not too tight, ‘cause it was kind of comfortable. But if my Willie is thin NORMALLY, the pressure from the wrap made it even thinner. But it’s good to keep it from creeping itno its cave….

You bought your weights from Monty? And they falls of? :-(

Never ever a turtle again...

Dreamaloud1,fortunately for me I am the boss.But it still would have been embarassing if any of the guys on the job would have seen them roll out.

Langemann,I bought regular golf weights from wal-mart.since I started using the htw wrap,I’ve not had a single problem. So it’s all good.

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