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It seems to all boil down to THIS...

It seems to all boil down to THIS...

… at least for ME!

The SINGLE and GREATEST need *I* see for serious advancement and growth gains in PE, is the need for some material or device that will securely and safely attach to the penis head and allow significant pull while remaining secure, but without ANY potential circulation problems. IF we could lick that single need/problem, there are any NUMBER of varied methods that could then be employed to fit different guys needs and goals.

I have tried jelqueing, stretching by use af several different devices, and the padlock stretch. I truly feel that EXTENDED stretching with relatively low tensions will produce substantial gains over time - but not currently possible to do safely with available devices/materials (unless I’ve missed something!).

My personal goal would be a device that could be safely attached and used at night while I sleep, using strong, easily available rubber bands, for an all night stretch. If designed properly, it could also be used during normal daytime activities.

I found the padlock stretch, with about a pound of added weight did WONDERS for me in a relatively short period of time, especially as related to flaccid hang. But it’s not practical for extended use, and must be closely monitored for circulation problems, as are most PE devices

IF a suitable device/material could be developed or located, and could be designed in a way that allowed a variety of stretching methods, is relatively unobtrusive and comfortable, easily removed/reattached for urination, etc, our PE goals would be GREATLY advanced.

I truly feel THIS is our greatest single challenge - after that, development of individual routines would be simple by comparison!


I believe that device is called the grip. It has drawbacks in that from what I hear it is a f*&king pain in the a$$ to get on/off and can only handle about 8 lbs. I have not tried it and the results are mixed, but from what I can tell it is as close as we have come. I am using a similar product called the suspender and it works just as you envision the perfect device to work, but it is such a pain to use that until I can see if the owner and I can get through some of the issues I am gonna stay with my Bib. Right now we are interacting to see if the product can be modified so it is a good choice for the non-surgical PE population, but it is going to take a long time if it can even be done at all.

Also, someone needs to take Bibs’ DYI hanger or something similar, make it thinner and maybe flexible, and market it as an ADS. I am experimenting with how to do that now, but am not very mechanically inclined. I think the problem with the grip and suspender is you have to remove it to piss- with the DYI Bib you don’t. The downside of the DYI is you do not get the vacuum at the head, which is what lengthens the entire shaft while hanging. I REALLY like that feature, but since I drink a couple of gallons of water a day (no joke) it isn’t a feasible product for me right now.

So the search continues :)

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

The only problem is that the perfect stretching device would also have to stretch to produce girth.

I am getting girth gains hanging. Granted, when I am finished hanging and move on to squeezes/Ulis I expect to get more girth, but in my case a hanging device also produces girth.

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

Seems to me, the medical field would be the most promising source of a conforming, flexible and gripping material that would provide what we need - and yes, we need something that will conform to varying penis circumference not only over longer periods, but actually during the day as conditions change. That seemingly eliminates anything hard or ridgid.

A far as holding power against tension is concerned, *I* would be quite satisfied with anything in the 5-8 lb category - I’ll pretty much guarantee you that stretches in the 12-24 hour range with something 5 lbs or better WILL provide gains in length we would be quite impressed with, in a reasonably short period of time - 6-12 months!

I also suspect that a decent jelqueing program along with those stretches, will deliver circumference growth that will maintain decent penis proportion.

Along the lines of finding/developing the best securing material, I’ve use some sports “tacky” sprays, intended to provide inproved grip on tennis rackets and ball bats with excellent results - but I’m not sure what health hazzards the might present in extended contact with the skin.

The search continues - but *I* am certain that if his major hurdle could be eliminated, the REST of our pursuit for longer dicks would be MUCH easier!


I guess the problem is that no matter how good the material is at producing friction against the skin of the penis, you still need to apply enough pressure that the skin of the penis does not slide too easily over the meat, and even if you produce a device that covers the whole penis to minimise the pressure needed and is molded individualy to avoid the large veins (if thats even possible) oyu are still going to restrict blood flow to small veins and capillaries.

Other than creating a device that obviates the need to grip the skin by some intrusive mechanism (say multiple needles into the meat) I don’t see how its possible to create a device that doesn’t at least reduce blood flow. If thats true, it may be possible to create a device optimised for length of hang time but at some point in time damage is going to occur.

I guess the reasoning is that the longer you hang the more gains, more quickly but then maybe other problems come into play, many people have developed good gains in a period of years without adversely effecting sensation or shape but would the same be the case if you could gain 4 inches in a month?

Methods of stretching the Penis

The Bib is really the safest from the point of nerve damage at the base of the glans, but even that can be damaging if your length is such that you do not have one inch between Bib and the Glans(that is a significant requirement- and when I started using a Bib one year ago I was nowhere near the safe requirement.)
Bib addressed this problem by making the Starter model which does not require as long a shaft as the original.

Adding pumping and jelquing on a daily or almost daily basis promises growth in girth and length by stretching the penis from the INSIDE and medically this makes sense as there is no risk to the nerves on the exterior of the penis.
(For a superb review of this mode of P.E. read Avocet 8’s posting at thunders’ forum).

It is very dangerous to the head of the penis itself to attach anything directly to the glans or right behind it—- especially if clamped or tightened.

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