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It just doesn't seem right

It just doesn't seem right

I have been trying to get this tunica stretching business right for a while and it just doesn’t seem right at all.

I finally figured out that certain positions like sitting forwards whilst pulling, somehow place all of the pull near the head and cause me pain from pulling hard. Having a small flaccid penis with foreskin is a very, very bad combination for tunica stretching. It makes pulling very difficult without most of the force going onto the head. Pulling straight up, as apposed to slightly above parallel to the floor, makes little or no force go onto the head.

However, I just can’t feel the tunica being stretched when pulling straight up. All I feel is skin and ligs being stretched. I pull hard, with aproximately 20 lbs force, but I just don’t feel what I thought a stretching tunica would feel like. It doesn’t cause any fatiguing anywhere in the actual penis and doesn’t give me any kind of aching in the actual penis…….unless the force annoyingly ends up on the head, in which case only the head feels fatigued.

Because of having a small flaccid size along with a foreskin, I have no option but to grab my penis with my whole hand, gripping as far back to the base as possible. Otherwise, the grip reaches the head and pulls on it. To give you some idea of how bad it is, I can place my finger on the underside and my thumb on the top side of my penis, right at the base, and pull the skin I am touching right at the base, up the shaft and right over the head, with ease and a little skin to spare.

That means that I have to slide the skin forwards a bit with one hand, before gripping right at the base with the other, just so that the grip doesn’t slip forwards with the skin and go onto the head.

I just don’t feel my tunica being worked. I have tried everything I can think of. How am I supposed to get this tunica ache and what is it meant to feel like? Where is this sensation meant to be fealt precisely?

I can’t even hang because the Bib starter is too big for my flaccid size and even when I attach it as far back as possible, the skin just slides it forwards so that ALL of the force is on the head.

My LOT is extremely low so lig stretching is pointless. Am I going to be a little dicked man the rest of my life? I can’t see a solution. Why am I not feeling my tunica being stretched no matter how hard I pull?

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

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If your LOT is not at 6, you still have some lig gains left. Get them now and then you will be able to hang. I don’t have foreskin so I can’t help you much in that area. I would say maybe grip is a problem? Get some dish gloves or paper towel to grip better and pull up. Have you tried bundled stretches?

Phil, I use latex gloves and my hands are likely one of the strongest pairs on this whole forum.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.


When I read your post, I could feel the frustration you are experiencing. I’m sure some of the veterans will have concrete suggestions for you, but I wanted to tell you that nothing is worth causing permanent injury to your penis, no matter how small you may perceive it to be. So I hope you will not injure yourself, trying to make gains.

I know it’s easy for me to say because I am well endowed, (I wish I could share some of my length and girth with you), but part of our goal here, I think, is to learn to accept whatever we’ve been dealt. So many of our perceptions regarding our collective dicks are in our heads. This is what we need to look at.

Your sharing your frustration and the way you expressed it tells me that you have other strengths that you might look at and be thankful for. And there are many other ways to perform sexually without a big dick.


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Your problem seems like it has a simple solution but you tell me how this works for you.

Using the glans as a stopping point is fine but just don’t pressure the top of the penis. The easiest way to avoid pressure on the top is with a thumb and forefinger overhand OK right behind the glans pressure mostly from the side. If the webbing between thumb and forefinger are directly over the top of the penis its very hard to hurt yourself.

Also are you stretching with the foreskin in place? Try retracting it and replacing the padding it offers with something that won’t slip: a strip of old t-shirt, a sock, something like that. The important thing is to offer a little padding and ensure no slippage.

Now in terms of stressing the tunica, try some long hold stretches, the idea being to emulate hanging. If you are on a chair you can pad the edge of the chair (if necessary) and stretch over the edge. This has a couple of advantages: you can lean forward when initiating the stretch and lean back to add tension with the hand locked to the chair edge; you can modify your position on the chair to allow for almost any length of dick. With the hand locked to the chair (with friction or partially underneath a thin based chair) its possible to maintain a stretch for long periods at relatively high tension. You can also add you second arm against the wrist of the first if this helps, either simply to stabilise or to increase the tension more. It should be possible to hold a stretch like that for 3-5 minutes at good tension. If you repeat this for 20 minutes you should get a good workout. Be careful to ease into and stretch and any stretching regimen.

If your tunica is being worked well you may feel soreness and you should at least feel a fair amount of twinging. Throughout the day if completed in the morning.

It has been suggested that you could modify a Wench hanger to help with tunica hanging for your type of situation.

Wadzilla mentioned that he was going to try such a device. There is a post about it somewhere near the end of the Captn’s Wench thread. It can be trimmed to half its length and still function accordingly. maybe some light hanging straight out with 5lb or so to get things moving then maybe incorporate some Uli’s to build bigger blood vessels/increase blood flow, to increase your flaccid state.

I have seen good flaccid gains with the Uli’s. I think with light hanging for a hour or so a day, one can see good results. I have been doing this and if anything, i seem to have increased the “density” of my unit.


Great post, well done!

Forget the wench.
If you can’t get a good grip manually, then you won’t be able to with the wench either, especially as you are uncut (as am I).

Make yourself a CCH3. Its half the length of a wench, and with the way it works, it will get around most of the uncut skin problems your having.
Wrap pretty tight right at the base (maybe pulling forward some of the loose skin first would also help) and attach the CCH3 right at the base.
As you have a low LOT and should be hanging straight out anyway, attaching right at the base should not be a problem for you.

As you apply the weight (start with 2 pounds so you can get used to attaching and wrapping), make sure you squeeze the pillars together and rotate the edge of the pillars closest to your body together to get a firm grip on your internals rather than just skin.

I had the same problem you are describing, but not as bad as you. I over came the problems by doing the above. It does take a little practice to attach and use the CCH3 when you are uncut so if you’ve still got problems, feel free to post again and I’ll try and help you through it.

Hope this helps.


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