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It is necessary to place "BP" or "NBP" besides your measurements

It is necessary to place "BP" or "NBP" besides your measurements

Guys, it’s completely necessary as evident by the fact that almost everytime someone posts a measurement like “7.25” someone 4 posts down asks “Is that BP or NBP”? THe fact of the matter is that they are two completely differrent measurements, and typing in two or three extra letters after your length shouldn’t be a problem. Come on, let’s all remember to always put this down now. It is something that even I am guilty of, but I will change. If for anything, it will save alot of gratuitous questions…!!!

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.


Thanks for posting this thread. I see it often left off with erect length, and especially when it is accompanied with a story of how women reacted it leaves me wondering which size they were reacting to. Wouldn’t hurt if flaccid lengths were also labeled.

Thank you.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

I agree. Even though I have no real bodyfat to speak of, I see that there is quite a difference between my BP and NPB measurements.

I totally agree. I can measure around a 7.75 bpfsl, 7.25 bp, and 6 somthing nbp. I don’t have much body fat either and those are all way different measurements. Only reason I like bpfsl is because of ease and consistancy, not because it yeilds higher measurements. ;)

Start 8-04: 7bpfsl,6nbp x 4.25mid Current: 7.75bpfsl,6.5nbp x 4.5mid/5base 8-05 Goal = 7nbp x 5 Final Goal = 8.5nbp x 6.5 Determination is the key.

I completely agree as well, perhaps it should be included in the forum rules. You know - “Please specify what kind of measurements you’re refering to” … and so forth, and such. It would definately help to decrease confusion.

March 2003 5.7" EBPL 5.0" EG

Currently 7.7" EBPL 5.1" EG

Goal 8.0" EBPL 6.0" EG

Yes JK. That’s what I was thinking. Thunder, could you make this part of the forum guidelines? So hopefully, after all the old timers start doing it consistently, newbies will observe and start doing the same?

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

From the PE FAQ (Click the Glossary Link)

Originally Posted by PE FAQ
EL Erect Length. Unless otherwise noted this usually refers to Non Bone Pressed (NBP) erect length, measurement is taken by lightly resting a ruler at the base of the penis.

I however have said in the past that BPEL is the standard. Regardless, it would be good if people could suffix their measurements correctly.

BP or BPEL work. I prefer BPEL to avoid any confusion with BPFSL, which is bone pressed flaccid stretched length.

Ok. So will anyone who comes across this thread please note to put BP or BPEL or NBP by your measurments WHENEVER you post them? This includes your sigs, so if your sigs don’t have the proper suffixes(sp?), please correct them.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Whenever I saw unidentified erect measurement, I always assumed the measurement was BP. Although sometimes it does get confusing.

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