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It came alive and curved!

It came alive and curved!

It came alive and curved!

Odd thing happened this afternoon, very odd! I went to sleep while watching LOTR & when I woke up I needed to piss… I headed to the bathroom and drop trau.. My flacid was the largest I’ve ever seen it, especially since I didn’t do any PE on Sat or Sun (today).. After I completed the piss to my horror I watched my prick throw itself into a CURVE to the right! It was like the fucking thing was alive.. I of course grabbed it and straightened it out then stood there a watched to see if it would happen again.. Has anyone ever had anything happen like this.. You watch you dick curve to one side or the other like it’s bent???? I checked it out several times after that and it didn’t do it again..

I changed my routine Friday of last week and am doing something slightly different. This startled me bad…

I have had that happen quite a few times, still not sure what causes it. mine go to the left when it happens.

********** I dont make my dick grow, I give it the stimulus, then ask it to. What dont kill ya, only makes ya stronger

mine actually does this little curve thing once and a while, usually after sex when trying to take a piss. are you sure this is the first time you noticed it? does your penis already have that angle effect when erect?

i think its the same thing that happens to me and i wouldnt worry about it.

what happened is........

you had a blood flow to the groin, that’s all.

Sometimes it happens when we least expect it, for instance,
go to the archives and read my classic “urinal” post……..same
thing happened.


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