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Isolating Tunica

Isolating Tunica

If anyone has read my post in the Hanger’s Forum, it may seem that I’ve been rather inventive today…

This is just an idea I had, and I’m sure that someone else must have come up with it as well, but I don’t think I’ve seen it, so I thought it best to share anyway.

Basically, I was doing a manual stretch session the other day, and having worked the ligs, I decided to work on the tunica for a bit.

I figured that if I simply pulled my dick out straight or whatever, it would stretch the tunica, but I figured that I could achieve a stronger stretch on a certain area by “isolating” a part.

I did this by using both hands to grip, and changing the position of grip. For example, using my left hand to grip with an “ok” in the middle of the shaft, and taking a grip with my right hand just behind the head.

If you imagine a clock face as you look down, with 12 O’clock being the head, and 6 O’clock being at the base of your penis near your body, I stretched towards 2 and 10. The right hand pulls in this clock direction, and the left hand simply pulls in the opposite direction.

For example, stretching to 2 O’clock, the left hand pulls towards 9 O’clock.

So, once again, I seem to have managed to over complicate a description, so I hope you all do understand. As usual, any confusion, just ask.

Has anyone tried this? Does anyone have any comments, improvements or simply a better way to do it?



Seems like a good idea to me but I’m new!

This is the stretch i was talking about the other day but you have explained it much better than me. I use the thumb of my left hand to push down on the lower part of my shaft whilst gripping and pulling upwards with my right hand, i find it gives a great stretch.



Actually guys, I’ve just realised that this is basically a V-stretch. The only difference I think is the two hands pulling in opposite directions. Sorry, silly me.

But I hope it has atleast helped someone who didnt understand it before, or given someone a new idea.

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