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Isolating PC - need help

Isolating PC - need help

Well, I know how to do basic kegels, but this is for guys who really know how to make it sore. What do you do?

I recall uncut4big talking about how he could essentially demolish his with one workout, so I am interested in that.

I mean, I can definitely isolate it and clench it, but what routines truly wear it out without doing 500 reps?

Try holding the PC for different lengths of times. I’ve seen some posts about how people will do 100 reps of a 1-second hold, then 10 reps of a 10-second hold, then 1 rep of a 100-second hold. Usually gets a nice little burn going.

Getting sore

I’ll tell you that If you you do 100 kegels then hold 30 sec do 75 kegegel hold 25 sec and ect… youll fell the burn.hold your flexed pc muscle is much more taxing than just pumping it hopes this helps.

JiMiD :)

A workout that I have come across in my reading involves slowly clenching the PC muscle, holding for 5 seconds, tightening some more, holding for 5 seconds, continue until you have reached maximum contraction of the PC, hold for 1 minute, then reverse order until fully relaxed. Repeat for at least 10 reps to begin with, working up to 50 or more.

Stretching in the sun

I have read that PC muscles should be exercised both by the pushing outward as well as the pulling inward. Muscles contain fibers which have function of either to push or pull. That goes for all muscle groups as far as I know. After reading the suggestion to push out also, I had some good results with a stronger erection. When I want that little extra on the PC workout, I attempt to do my last 100 fast but keeping proper form meaning I fully push out and pull in. It is easy to half ass it by not completing a full motion when you hurry. Just be careful about over exercising. I have suffered plenty of stress related muscle injuries to know it is not good to over do it.



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