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Isolating left and right chambers.

Isolating left and right chambers.

Guys I read somewhere that the reason for curved penises is because one of the chambers is weaker then the other one which causes the bend. I was thinking maybe somebody can come up with an exercises which would isolate the weaker chamber? Any ideas?

Erect bends most likely would work. I know I do them in my girth sessions and they really hit the chambers hard when done right…you can put more focus on whatever side you like. Use the search …Im not sure where the threads are on this forum for the erect bend exercises.

Erect bends can be dangerous especially for beginners, so go easy. I have a curve to the left and do manual stretches under my right thigh, you can really feel the chamber become very taut. My curve is only half as bad now 2.5 months at PE

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Actually all of this stuff is dangerous to a degree. Dont let that hold you back though. Just use your head and you’ll be alright.

Usually it isn’t so much that one chamber is weaker than the other but that there is a patch of scar tissue on one side causing the penis to curve in that direction.



Avo I think you are talking about Pyronese, but the curve of penis is not caused by tissue (unless it is Pyronese ). My curve is not caused by tissue but rather the weaker chamber.

Guys I came out with this idea of working out only my weaker chamber by sqeezing the base with my left hand and then with my right hand (thumb toward body)i bend my penis (about 60%-70% erect) to the right and at the same time trying to pressure only left chamber by putting pressure with the bumb on the middle of the shaft(where number 1 is)

( )
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| 1 | <- bend to the left starts here
| |
| |

I wish I had a digital camera or something and I could show you..
Well I`ll try that for a month and see. The reason for me trying to isolate my left chamber is because my penis is curved to the left and a month of PE made no difference I would even say that the right chamber got even stronger and bigger but the left stayed the same.

some how my right chamber grows bigger..

I do not have pyronese it is a regular curved penis.

i forgot to ad that right after few squeezes I do like that my penis looks straight but soon in like 30 sec goes back to curving left, that is i think this idea can work in the long run.

one more thing I also realized that if my left chamber would be as big as my right I would probably add at least half an inch in girth and about the same in width. So If this exercise will help me work my left side better and make it as close as possible to the right i`ll gain half an inch in girth. That is something i`ll be happy like crazy. Not only straight dick but also 1/2 inch gain in girth.


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